Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surprise Release Date

A week of pleasant surprises for Debra.

Early this week I received an e-mail letting me know I could now buy my author copies of This Feels Like Home. I was a bit confused, since it wasn't scheduled for release until January, but I figured with the holidays approaching, maybe my publisher was trying to get ahead of the game. Turns out the paperback is already available on the TWRP web-site and through Amazon. Apparently it's part of a new plan to have the paperbacks released at the same time the digital format goes to Amazon. I guess paperbacks don't effect the exclusivity of an Amazon-only release to qualify for their KDP freebie incentive, which Home will have later this month. The official world-wide release date in venues other than Amazon will remain at the end of January. Is your head spinning yet? Because mine is.

But it was still pretty thrilling to be able to order copies of my book. I haven't had a paperback release in a couple of years. So now I'll be anxiously waiting for that box to arrive on my porch.

Of course the somewhat down-side to this is I haven't even thought about publicity for this release yet. Well, I have one blog date scheduled for the end of January. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. Do I do a frantic immediate scramble to find places to promote this new book or do I stick with the original plan and promote it when it has its official world-wide digital release? What I'll probably do is a little bit of both. At the very least I have to update my web-site with some new links.

Which brings us to another fun surprise for the week...

A Yahoo! alert (If you don't use alerts for your name and book titles I highly recommend that you start right now!) came up with my name. I clicked on the link and found that Home had been listed on this week's Happily Ever After blog at USA Today. Wow! (Click HERE for the link.) So a great big, HUGE thanks to author Sara Humphreys for including me on her list. I was thrilled and honored to say the least. (For more on Sara you can visit her web-site:

I love pleasant surprises, don't you?!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. You are in great company on the USA today list, Debra.
    Exciting surprise, too. Print books are the best!

  2. I printed out a copy of the list for my scrapbook! It's a keeper for sure.

    Prink books rock!

  3. That's terrific, Debra! So happy for you!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Debra! Congrats on your latest release xx

  5. That's fantastic, Debra! Many congrats on being featured in USA Today. That is sure to up your sales :-)