Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Looking Back and Looking Forward

The New Year is traditionally the time for looking back at the old year and looking forward to the new year, hence the two faces of the god Janus.
My romance writer friend Celia Yeary gave me the idea for this blog when she wrote a blog post about what she had learned in 2013. That got me thinking. My first thoughts centred around what I had learned I could not do.
One thing in particular jumped out at me. When I was in Croatia in June, I realised my mobility problems (due to arthritis) made it impossible for me to take part in any more ‘organised’ tours, as I could no longer keep up with group visits because I now walk much slower than most people – and too much walking becomes very painful. Coping with huge hotels like the one we stayed at near Dubrovnik, when it took me about 15 minutes to walk along rambling corridors from our room to the reception area, was not my idea of fun either!
I also learned that my capacity to understand today’s technology is limited – to say the least! My mind can understand some things but draws a complete blank at others. That’s the reason I won’t self-publish, and also the reason why I am so glad I have a publisher who looks after all that ‘technical’ side of publishing for me. I’ve heard too many frustrated stories from self-publishers about formatting and other problems that I know I would probably throw the computer out of the window if I attempted it myself!
Accepting what you can no longer do may be a sign of getting older. Not necessarily one you embrace with open arms but nevertheless one you have to accept. I could wish I was able-bodied and not disabled; I could wish my mind could wrap itself around modern technology, but I accept and adjust accordingly.
On the plus side of looking back, I had a new novel published last February. I’ve met up again (after many years) with two teenage friends. I’ve also made many new friends (mainly through Facebook) and have met several of them. I also had the best birthday weekend (for my ‘big’ birthday) that I’ve had for a long time!
So what about looking forward? My next novel will come out in February, and I'm looking forward to my visit to America and Canada in June. Of course, I could wish one of my novels would hit the NY Times best seller list, or a #1 spot on Amazon, but I'm not holding my breath! None of us knows what 2014 will bring to us or to our family and friends. Maybe the only thing we can wish is that it will be happy, healthy, and fulfilling – which is what I wish for you all.
Thank you for being my friends - and Happy New Year!


  1. So true that no one ever knows what the future holds. All we can do it hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

    Time with family and friends is always on the top of my list of things to matter what time of year.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I think the only way we can move on and not wallow is to be practical and accept what we can't change--very easy to say, less easy to actually do. But it's definitely a goal of mine, whether it's for 2014 or beyond. Happy New Year and I hope to maybe have a chance to meet you in person when you're in NY. :)

  3. Debra, sometimes we think we have out lives planned, but then something happens that changes all our plans! As you say, it's a case of hold on tight - and enjoy, or at least cope!

  4. Jen, that reminds me of the quote about 'serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.'
    Hope to see you in NJ in June too :-)

  5. Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Paula, and health and success in good measure.

  6. All the very best to you, too, Rosemary!