Sunday, January 5, 2014

Where do characters feel their emotions?

Ana finds a body-emotion chart.

This is an interesting chart from a European scientific journal.  Using this data, anger appears most active in the head and shoulders. Depression makes the limbs lethargic.

Anxiety would be centered in the gut, heart, torso area. Disgust turns your stomach. Sadness immobilizes and pains the heart. Contempt is mostly cerebral. Surprise engages faculties and stimulates the chest.

Love stimulates face (can't stop smiling), chest (makes you want to sing), and groin (sex, anyone?).

Happiness makes you snuggly warm all over.


  1. I saw that chart too, Ana. I can't wait to use it for showing emotions.

  2. I've seen this chart a few times now on Facebook, and it fascinates me! I like the way that happiness reaches down to your toes, but think fear should also affect your knees i.e. when they knock or tremble!

  3. I enjoyed this and have not seen it before. I do think fear hits my stomach the hardest though. If I'm afraid, I get very queasy very fast.

  4. This is a great chart for helping with that all important showing and not telling.

    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Muchos Gracias for your blog.Really thank you! Great.