Monday, January 27, 2014

Love has to triumph.

Ana muses on her daily requirement for love... stories

I have always sought out the love story in books and films (and real life, but that's still a work in progress). Thanks to the miracle of Netflix, I am indulging in (DELETE)

Thanks to the miracle of Netflix, I can really delve into my need for the happily-ever-after.

Take The Philadelphia Story. In this classic romantic comedy, Cary Grant uses Jimmy Stewart to thwart Katherine Hepburn from getting remarried until he can convince her to remarry him. Jimmy Stewart realizes the right girl for him has been beside him all along. And Hepburn's philandering father reconciles with her mother. Three HEA's for the price of one.

A thriller needs a romance thread to hold my attention. Louis L'Amour is a great writer, but for me his stories are too short on love to warrant a shelf at eye level. I can even watch Arnold Schwarzenegger play a kindergarten cop because he falls for the mom at the end.

Give me a hero with the motivation to become worthy of his dream girl. Let the heroine end her quest by being reunited with her true love.

Love has to triumph, or what's the point of watching? Or reading? Or living?


  1. I do like mysteries and thrillers in addition to romance, but I'm with you...I like the hero/heroine to have a love interest in there as well.

    It goes way back to my first mystery love: Nancy Drew, who had Ned Nickerson!

  2. I like there to be a romantic thread, or at least chemistry, between people as well. It makes the characters more multi-dimensional.

  3. It kind of makes me cross when people say, somewhat patronisingly, 'Oh, I never read romances', because I'd like to bet that the books they do admit to reading (e.g. thriller, murder mystery etc) all have some element of romance in them.