Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Friend: Joanne C. Berroa

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. What better time than to read a hot romance? There’s nothing like getting in the mood for romance with a story to warm you up on a cold, winter day. Romances run the gamut from mild to steamy, while mine fall somewhere in between. I like to use sensual words and descriptions as opposed to sexually explicit verbiage to put the reader in the mood and convey the love between the hero and heroine. Sometimes less is more.

Whatever your taste in romance novels, be sure to check out my latest venture into novella land: The Shewolf and the Priest. It’ll change the way you look at Catholic priests. Pair a sultry gypsy lady in Romania in the late 1800’s (who can shape shift into a white wolf plus raise the dead) with the priest, and you get titillating, illicit romance.

Enjoy your day of romance on Valentine’s Day and know that I’ll be sipping hot cocoa and reading a novel of love.

--Joanne C. Berroa, Author


Angelora is a breathtakingly beautiful shape shifter who takes the form of a wolf. She also possesses a supernatural ability to raise the dead. She’s the last remaining member of a unique gypsy tribe in Romania in 1880 where only the women of the sect retained these extraordinary gifts, handed down from generation to generation.

Father Steven is an incredibly sexy Catholic priest with a haunting past. He lives a simple, holy life attending to the needs of Saint Isidore’s parish and draws comfort from the knowledge his past sins have been forgiven, until one fateful night his and Angelora’s paths cross.

Will Father Steven ignore his sacred vow of celibacy to woo the beautiful, sultry gypsy who imprints on his life? And will her “powers” unite them or destroy them?


Steven swallowed, his heart racing. In his walks he’d never encountered wolves, yet he knew they haunted the north woods. His eyes locked with the white wolf’s in silent communication, primal yet alarmingly personal. It was as if the wolf could read his mind and look into his very soul. Not knowing why, he extended his hand, palm upward, toward the white wolf. It came slowly forward a few meters then hesitated. The others flanked it, keeping guard. Without a sound the alpha turned and fled back into the woods with the pack at its heels. Steven breathed sharply, relaxing only a trifle. Boris stopped barking and whimpered.

“It’s okay, fellow,” Steven said. “They’re gone.” He turned on his heel and with the dog following him, he made his way over dirt trails lined with decaying leaves back to the village. By the time he reached the rectory, total darkness had enveloped the land. Try as he might, he couldn’t shake the overwhelming feeling something powerful had happened that night and his life had been irrevocably altered in some unspeakable way.


I’m a resident of Barnegat, NJ and I’ve been writing all my life. Back in 1983, Dell published my novel, “The Barbary Coasters.”  It was set during the 1860’s in the Barbary Coast of San Francisco and was part of a series of books written by different authors called, “The Making of America.” My pseudonym was Lee Davis Willoughby.

I’ve written articles for several computer magazines over the last thirty years doing software and hardware reviews and ads.  I was also a photographer for cover art for two magazines back in the 80’s, and currently write profiles for businesses and professionals for Micromedia Publications, a local newspaper publisher.

Rebel Ink Press has released four of my historical romances thus far: My Life, My Heart – a time travel--reincarnation novel, On Angels’ Wings – a love triangle novel set during the turbulent years of World War II, Love’s Sweet Vengeance – love and danger set in the old west in 1866, and The Diamond Cross (Nov. 2013) – a sweeping romance saga taking place in the late 19th century in Hungary, New York and Saratoga Springs. The latest is a novella entitled The Shewolf and the Priest. All full length novels are available in both eBook and print formats.

In my “spare” time I also teach piano and organ, and I love hearing from readers.

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  1. Welcome, Joanne! So glad to have you visiting today. The premise of your book sounds fascinating. What gave you the idea?

  2. It's wonderful to have you here today, Joanne! I love your cover, but my eye locked onto your timetravel novel. Is it listed for sale on your website?

  3. Hi Joanne! This book sounds awesome! Congrats on your new release! :)

  4. Hi,, Jennifer, Ana, and Jane! I'm glad to see you here. Jennifer, to answer your question, I got the idea for "Shewolf" from a sexy priest photo that I found on FB. All at once a story came to me! Ana, yes, my time travel novel is for sale through,, or in both print and ebook formats. You can read about it on my web site too. Thanks for your interest!
    Jane, I'm off to promote you today! Cheers!

  5. Hi Joanne. I'm in awe of all the different locations and eras of your novels, and I'd be interested to know what research you do to get these right.

  6. Me, too. Research is engrossing.

  7. Well, Paula and Ana, researching is fun for me. I always loved history in school, and geography as well. So it's natural that I would pick different eras and locations for my novels. Years ago when I researched I spent hours in the library checking out books, now I just use Google. I read everything I can on the location and the time period, keeping my characters and plot outline in mind as I do. Thanks for asking!!!

  8. Actually, when I research I sometimes find things out about the time period or the location that will change my story or add to it. It gives me new ideas.

  9. Hi Joanne,

    Welcome to Heroines with Hearts. Sorry I'm late chiming in, I've been away from e-mail all day.

    Wow! Your story definitely sounds unique. And I'm with you, I like my romance spicy and sensual, but not with explicit words.

  10. Hi, Debra. Thanks for your comment. Glad you stopped by :)

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