Monday, March 9, 2015

Justice in Black and White

Maybe it's my Sagittarius Sun sign, but I believe in justice and fair play.
The bad guy(s) should be exposed and made to pay for their crimes.
Firefighters should swoop in and save the garment workers from the burning building.

I know life does not always work like this. Women are trafficked and children still labor in sweat shops. Natural disasters happen, and we are still burning insane quantities of fossil fuels.

Between the covers (I was going to say 'of books'), though, things can work out. The girl gets the guy. Wrongs are righted. Wounds are healed.

Justice prevails in the black and white of our e-readers. Happily ever after is the reward for our characters' travails, and what makes readers buy story after story. They want all to work out in the end.

And so do I.


  1. All I can say here, Ana, is that I agree with you.

  2. Agree, everyone gets their just desserts in romance novels. That's one of the reasons people enjoy them, as they provide a escape into a better world where justice DOES prevail.

  3. I'll echo what they said. It's why the "predictable ending" is a positive for me, not a negative!

  4. Ditto to all. I read to escape from the depression of reality. I'll take a happy, predictable romance ending any day!