Sunday, March 29, 2015

Paula's Sunday Excerpt from 'Irish Intrigue'

Here is Charley's second meeting with Irish vet, Luke Sullivan.

As she passed a children’s playground in a small park, she smiled at the shout of ‘Higher!’ from a little girl on the swing to the young woman who was pushing her.

When her glance shifted to the other figures in the playground, her steps faltered. The man she’d met in the supermarket was helping a small boy on the climbing frame. In a navy fisherman’s sweater framing his broad shoulders, and straight-cut jeans which emphasised his long legs, Luke Sullivan exuded such compelling masculinity that her heart contracted.

She continued past the park. He wasn’t looking in her direction, and she didn’t want to intrude on his family. What would his wife think if she knew he’d invited an unknown woman for coffee the previous day? Especially as the gleam of interest in his eyes indicated more than the usual Irish friendliness.

A sudden movement in her peripheral vision made her look around at the playground again. A black and white collie was bounding across the grass toward the iron gate in the stone wall.

Luke’s voice rang out. “Jed, back here, boy! Jed!”

The dog slithered to a standstill, turned its head, and ran back to him. He picked up the little boy from the frame and started to walk toward her, with the dog following him. Reluctantly, Charley stopped. It would be rude to ignore him despite her opinion of his morals.

“Jed, stay,” he said to the dog, and smiled at her. “Hello again.”

“Hello. You have a beautiful dog.”

Luke laughed. “I swear he thinks every human being has been put on this earth to play ball with him.”

“And throw sticks, Daddy.”

Even if the little boy hadn’t said ‘Daddy’, Charley would have known he was Luke’s son. He was a miniature version of his father, with the same dark eyes and wavy hair.

“And throw sticks,” Luke agreed as he put his son down. “Off you go, Toby, he’s dying to play again.”

Charley watched the boy run off and glanced toward the woman near the swings who was looking in their direction. “I’ll go, too, and leave you to concentrate on your family. Bye.”

Her cheeks burned as she set off. Why on earth had she been so abrupt? Doubts assailed her. Had she over-reacted? Or misinterpreted the genuine friendliness for which the Irish were renowned? Or was it because her heart started to beat faster from the minute she recognised him in the park?

Oh, forget it. Irritated with herself, she continued into the village.

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  1. Great excerpt, Paula. Misunderstanding and attraction are the foundations of love

  2. Or the building blocks of love.

  3. Intrigue is certainly the right title for this book, Paula. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    1. Many thanks, Margaret - and yes, there is plenty of intrigue :-)