Monday, June 29, 2015

Z is for Zealousity

Ana muses on zealousity

I have decided that I am a zealous writer in addition to being a slow writer. Part of the slowness comes from having Libra rising: I seem to have to debate every word choice. I edit as I write, then edit until I feel I have it perfect. Then I discover I don't and I edit some more.

Another facet is my Sagittarius sun. I want things to be right. From grammar to plot to deep POV, I want to present a correct balance to the reader.

My zealousity comes from being determined. Each time I feel I'll never have the skills to write a good romance, I find I am driven to keep going. Pain and pain drugs have slowed down my brain, but it started thinking about my next chapter last night. It's ready to go, and so  am I.


  1. So glad you're feeling better enough to start thinking about your writing!

  2. Must admit zealousity is a new word to me! But I debate word choices in exactly the same way, even though in my case I have Scorpio rising. And of course my Leo sun makes me a perfectionist!

  3. Welcome back, Ana! So glad you're feeling better.

    With my last two projects I've changed my routine a bit and don't do a lot of editing along the way. I've been writing in a very linear fashion and going forward every time I write instead of going back and doing edits as I go.

    I will, however, highlight phrases and words that aren't quite the way I like them at this point. That way, when it comes time to edit, I'll start with all of the highlighted sections to find just the right words.

    (And I have no idea what my rising or sun signs are. Is there a way to find out?! I have a February birthday so I'm an Aquarius, but that's all I know.)

  4. I can run your horoscope if I have your birthdate, time (exact) and birthplace. Computer program does it in a minute.