Monday, July 13, 2015


Ana likes B names.

I had three brothers for most of my childhood (until my much younger brother and sister came along). They were Bob, Bruce and Bill. I know some families stick strictly to one letter of the alphabet, but my brother's names were family names. And actually Robert, Bruce and William.

I name characters B names.
First is Blade Masters, hero of my western historical. I chose the name Blade because I wanted to suggest steely and sharp. Masters suggests someone who easily masters whatever he chooses to do, and this fits him. He ran away from home at seventeen and joined the crew of a notorious riverboat captain. When he quit that, he moved to Kansas and became an expert horseman and sharpshooter. His father was a business tycoon, so wheeling and dealing were ingrained in him from a very young age. His mother, a Society matron, made sure he learned how to dance. He had tutors who taught him to fence and fight. His first love was a prostitute, expert in the art of seduction and lying. All that in a package that is tall, dark and handsome.

In my western historical, I also have Brownie, who looks like a loco prospector, with frizzy gray hair and beard and a sideways hat.

In my time travel WIP, the past life hero has a manservant named Brion. “Greetings, milord.” His manservant spoke in the scratchy, oddly pitched lilt common to dwarfed men. Brion stood on a stool and, with the tip of his bodkin, deftly scraped droplets of wax off the surface of the writing table without disturbing the irregular pattern of small rocks and bird bones.

Right now, the past life hero calls his horse Balum. I'm not sure if I can get him to change it.


  1. And don't forget Blade's horse Belinda :-)

  2. You're right!
    My daughter's horse was named Charmin'.

  3. Those are interesting "b" names, Ana, and I love how you put so much research into the type of name suitable to the type of character you've created.

  4. I like the characters' names to suggest (embody) a main trait, if possible.
    It makes me happy.

  5. I love Blade for the name of a hero.