Monday, July 20, 2015

Not everyone loves Candy

Ana introduces her hero's ex-fiancee, Candy Kennedy.
          Blade met Candy when he was not quite eighteen. She was a barmaid at the Crazy Lady Saloon by the docks. She was beautiful, intelligent, ambitious. Whenever he returned to port, they spent glorious days together spending his pay. He hired a carriage and showed her his family’s house, a sprawling mansion behind wrought iron gates. 
          He did not think much about what she did when he was on the River. He worked hard and drank the rest of the time. When he came back, she was waiting for him, eager to listen, to console, to love. He fell hard.

           Candy persuaded him to reconcile with his family and move back home. The next day Miss Candace Kennedy called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Masters and introducing herself as a single woman wishing to thank young Mr. Masters for defending her honor on a recent harrowing voyage to St. Louis.
            Olivia Masters, always eager for gossip for her ladies’ luncheons, invited Candace to stay for tea. Tea led to supper, where Candace charmed the entire family. Learning she had no relatives in St. Louis, Olivia invited Candace for Thanksgiving dinner. She became a regular visitor to the Masters home and a social companion to Olivia.
            Over the next eight months, Candy had allowed him to visit her only one night a week. Each time, they made love fiercely, then he would pour out his heart to her. How he hated sitting in an office all day. How he wanted to live on a ranch. Most of all, how he wanted them to be together every minute of every day. Each time she sent him on his way before dawn, clutching the money he pressed into her hand.
           The last time, she was straightening the bed covers when he said, “I have enough money for us to go.”
            Candy tore into him with a fury. “You think I want to live out in the wilderness and eat dirt day in and day out? I want a grand house with servants, fine clothes and jewels. I expect my man to take me to restaurants and society balls. If you loved me, you would give me what I want. Now get out. We're through.”
            Blade felt ripped in two. He pleaded but could not convince her. He shouted and she laughed at him. On the verge of striking her, he hurled a brush into a large mirror, shattering it and all her whispered promises into a million jagged pieces.
            Within the week, his brother Jared announced that he and Miss Candace were engaged. Blade headed for Kansas two days later. Patrick Kennedy Masters was born seven months and a few days after that.


  1. Wow, Candy is definitely a super-bitch LOL! Blade had a lucky escape from her.

  2. Wow, it sounds like he really escaped from her!

  3. Wow as well. I can see even more fireworks on the horizon.

  4. They are going to meet up very soon. Huge fireworks!