Thursday, August 27, 2015

H is for Heather

Heather Morgan is the heroine in Debra's A Christmas to Remember.

Heather has just been dumped by her boyfriend. They'd planned on spending the Christmas holiday skiing. Instead, he decided to go to the Caribbean with his secretary. However, since she'd already paid for an airline ticket, a room at the lodge, and copious amounts of new ski gear, Heather decides to take the trip on her own. However, going down to dinner...alone...on her first night, is a bit more humiliating than she bargained for. She feels like everyone KNOWS. It took her forever to work up the courage, and then the hostess tells her there are no tables available without a reservation.

Enter Sam.

He's handsome and mysterious. And he persuades Heather to have dinner with him. He happens to have a reservation at the restaurant, and since his brother ditched him for a ski bunny, he also happens to have an extra spot at the table.

And thus begins our love story.

A quote from Heather:
”You know.” She gestured toward him. “A mysterious stranger asking me to dinner. Stuff like that only happens in romance novels. It’s not something that happens in real life.” Not to her.

And a bit more about her from the blurb:

Newly single, Heather Morgan gathers her courage and decides to take a Christmas ski vacation on her own. However, the festive holiday atmosphere reminds her how dispirited and alone she feels. When she meets a mysterious stranger, her lonely vacation takes an unexpected turn.

Sam is at the resort at the urging of his brother, who thinks he needs to get out and have a little fun. Having no desire to get involved with anyone, Sam needs a way to get his brother off his back. The intriguing Heather seems like the perfect solution to his dilemma, so he makes her an offer she can't refuse.

Sam restores the joy of the season to Heather. Their time together is magical, something she'll never forget. Soon her feelings for him deepen beyond their romantic holiday fling. But Sam has a secret, one that could prevent the fantasy from ever becoming real.

And, finally, a glimpse of Heather through Sam's eyes, the first time we're in his POV:

At eight forty-five the next morning, Sam glanced at his watch for the thousandth time since he’d sat at the small table in the corner of the coffee shop.

He grimaced. The damn thing was shock resistant, water resistant, the hands glowed in the dark, it could measure elapsed time and split time, and tell him to the nanosecond what time it was in twenty-nine different time zones. What it couldn’t do was speed up time.

Would Heather show? She still had fifteen minutes until the proposed deadline. How long would he wait once the hour had passed? He imagined himself sitting in the same spot all day. Staring at the pine boughs draped across the front of the barrister’s stand. Slowly going insane from the endless tracks of Christmas music playing subtly in the background.

After all, chances were good she wouldn’t accept his offer. Who in their right mind would? She probably figured he had several thousand ulterior motives. He still wasn’t quite sure what prompted him to ask her to have dinner with him. Offering to teach her to ski in exchange for spending time with him had been nothing short of lunacy.

Which was exactly what she must think of him. A raving lunatic. Who else would propose such a preposterous idea? Of course she wouldn’t show for breakfast. Most likely she’d spend the rest of her vacation in her room to avoid the chance of running into him at all costs.

Still, he hoped she’d accept his offer, as crazy as it must seem. He couldn’t say why. He didn’t know her. Had only spent a couple of hours with her. But for some reason he wanted to get to know her better. He admired her courage in coming to the resort on her own even after her asshole of a boyfriend jilted her. She deserved better.

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A Christmas to Remember - from The Wild Rose Press


  1. Your blurb makes me want to know what his secret is. What will stop their HEA?

    1. Excellent! Hopefully other readers will feel the same and pick up the book! :)

  2. What a great way to start a story! I always love your openings.

  3. That's a very teasing blurb, because I want to know his secret too! And I LOVE your description of his watch!

    1. I had to look that up on line. It's just about word-for-word from the description with a bit of Sam's 'voice' thrown in.

      The watch actually is a bit of a hint as to what his secret is...

  4. I'm intrigued too. It so makes me want to read more.