Monday, October 3, 2016

My side job as a writer

Ana muses about the benefits of a vivid vocabulary and editing skills.

My son builds fine furniture. He's building a business website and tapped me to edit his marketing  information and image descriptions.
Decorative cabinet

Like writer and editor, we go back and forth. He sends a draft. I revise. He corrects. I check.
It helps that I sometimes find one word to replace four. Also that I've learned to spy when narrative in not in cause-and-effect order:  This has to happen before this can happen. 

The skill set of a novelist helps with promotional writing.
The wordsmithing is fun,
Doing it with motherly love is wonderful.


  1. Love the cabinet!
    And it's true that our writing skills can be adapted to many different situations.

  2. What a beautiful cabinet.

    Writing is one of those life skills...everyone should know the basics. AND, everyone should have an editor to look over things they write for anything official. :)

  3. Cabinet is beautiful and he's lucky to have you!