Thursday, October 13, 2016

O is for (Baseball Season in) October

Debra's team is finally getting their act together.

Chicago is a sports town. Hockey season and football season tend to bring people together. (Whether it's to celebrate our terrific hockey team or to commiserate about our awful football team.) However baseball season tends to divide the city. You're either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan. Even though baseball is probably one of my least favorite sports, I consider myself a die-hard Cubs fan. It's the way I was raised. And for the past hundred years or so, it's definitely been a die-hard kind of following. Fans didn't have a whole lot to root for.

But things are starting to turn around. Last year my Cubbies made it into the play-offs. This year again, and it just might be their year. IF they make it to the World Series, I for sure will sit down and watch some baseball.

Even my husband, who is a Sox fan (We have one of those 'mixed' marriages!) said he'd sit down and watch if the Cubs make it in.

Hmn? Maybe baseball season can bring people together!

Even more fun, the Hawks open their season tonight. That I'm all in for...

In writing, sports can be a fun way to add some depth to our characters. What teams do they like? Are they die-hard fans or jump-on-the-bandwagon fans? Do they root for the team in their hometown or root for the team where they live now? Did they play a sport in high school or college? Fans of opposing teams can throw around some good-natured barbs at each other in the form of witty dialogue. When we're looking for ways to make our characters feel 'real', sports can do the trick.

Until next time,

Happy Reading! (And go Hawks and Cubbies!)



  1. Good luck to the Hawks and Cubbies. I must admit when my husband hogs the tv for his golf/rugby/football/cricket/athletics etc etc I disappear into a book!

    1. I'll watch hockey and football, but that's about it. Otherwise it's book time for me, too! :)

  2. I was happy to see the Cubs advance. And what about those Minnesota Vikings? I don't follow professional sports much, but when your home town (or home region) team is winning, it's uplifting.
    My WIP hero is a minor league baseball pitcher who celebrated his call up to the majors too hard and injured his pitching arm beyond repair. Hoping to rejoin the MN Twins as a medic, he's become a physician assistant. Then life intervenes...

    1. Those Vikings are on fire this year!

      I agree there is something uplifting about it even if you're not a fan.

      Your WIP sounds intriguing...doesn't life always intervene? -sigh-

  3. I'm not a sports fan in any way, shape or form, so neither are any of my characters!

    1. That's why I don't include animals in my stories. I am not a pet person in any way, shape, or form.

      I guess it's all about that 'writing what you know'.

  4. Our house is a mixed marriage one too--I'm a Giants fan and my husband is an Eagles fan. At my wedding, my dad made note of that in his toast--"Out of all the people you could have married, you had to pick an Eagles fan?" but he does love him.