Thursday, October 20, 2016

P is for Placement

Debra's Valentine's Day story placed in a contest!

Going through my inbox on a daily basis...sometimes more than once...can sometimes be a chore. More often than not, I delete more e-mails than I wind up reading. So much spam, it drives me crazy.

Today, though, I had some good news. My novella Valentine's Day at The Corral placed fourth in the International Digital Awards (#IDAWinner2016) contest! Yay!

I've had some pretty good luck in this contest. Last year, One Great Night was the first place winner.

It is always interesting to me to find out what readers prefer. This year I also entered my Christmas story from the Holidays at The Corral series. Out of the two, I like the Christmas book better myself. I found it interesting that one didn't place. It just goes to show, reader preferences and tastes are varied. I think often times we never know what will catch their ear or tickle their fancy. I guess all we can do is keep putting our work out there and hope it resonates with someone.

It's been a long time since I 'visited' my Valentine story. It was fun to think about it again today. Here's a little snippet for you. This scene takes place after Gail runs into her new boss at a speed dating event.

Monday morning Gail found a small box wrapped in pink paper with red hearts on her chair. After hanging her coat on the tree behind her and stowing her purse in the bottom drawer, she pulled the package onto her lap.

She cast a furtive glance out over the office as a niggling suspicion about who had put the box on her chair teased her. Most of the cubicles were still empty. Most days she was the first to arrive.

The red satin bow came undone easily when she tugged one end. The wrapping paper fell away to reveal a box of conversation hearts. She smiled even though she’d never really cared for the chalky candy.

A folded piece of cardstock was taped to the box. She stifled a laugh as she read the note:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I had a nice time
Talking to you.

Initials ST completed the message. The bold, masculine scrawl was a stark contrast to the silly rhyme.

Amusement lingered as she tucked the note beneath her keyboard, then pulled a small glass dish out of a drawer. She filled it with the candy, then set it on the high ledge in front of her desk. Familiar with the collective sweet tooth of the employees at Thompson and Sons, it wouldn’t last until noon.

Did the new president have a sweet tooth as well? Scott Thompson had only recently taken over as head of the company for his ailing uncle, and she didn’t know much about him.

Except that she agreed with the woman in the pink jumpsuit. He had a nice ass. Normally she didn’t go for men in suits and ties. She only wanted two things out of life. A pair of nice fitting jeans and the man inside them. Some girls liked shoulders or chests or abs. For her, it was all about the butt.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Congratulations, Debra! Two in a row is fantastic. Or is it more that two?

    1. Just two. A first place and a fourth place.

      I am thinking of entering again next year with the Fourth of July and Halloween stories. It's great publicity. They do blasts for all of their winners and placers.

  2. Many congrats, Deb! A fantastic achievement!

    1. Thanks, I'm pretty pumped about it.

      Hopefully it will nudge me in the right direction to get some new writing done. I'm at a bit of a standstill these days. :(

  3. Sorry for the delay--congratulations on the contest! Nice job!