Thursday, December 29, 2016

Z is for Zoomed

Debra wonders where the year went.

Wasn't it just summer? Or at the very least Halloween? Or by golly just the first day of Christmas vacation. The year 2016 has flown by with amazing quickness. We're literally days away from a new year.

It's always interesting to look back and see what has happened in a year. Good things. Bad things. Ordinary-everyday-things. All those things that make the world go round. Did I accomplish enough? Did I leave time for all of the important things in life? Did I have my priorities in order?

I've never been one for making resolutions, but it's always fun to look ahead to a brand new year and all of the limitless possibilities it holds. To think about how I'll do things differently in the coming year as opposed to how I did them in the previous one.

So here's to 2017 and the great adventure that lies ahead! Cheers.


Until next time,

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