Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Funny moments

Well, this is an easy topic for me. We always have funny moments in our house. I may be the only woman to kick her husband out of bed until the giggles stop or I fall asleep.

Okay, examples of funny moments:

When I shave my husband's head every two - three months, I use a 1/4 comb on the razor.

Well, one evening we were having trouble with it just before I was about to make him handsome again. I took the comb off and banged the thing. He grabbed it and cleaned what he could.

"Try it now," he said.

I turned it on and placed it on his head. "Yup, it-" I bit my lip and replaced the comb. "Shoot."

"You didn't have the attachment on?"

Quiet, I was afraid to speak because I wanted to bust out laughing but I didn't want him to get mad. He had a business meeting that week.

Needless to say, he busted out laughing first.


Here's another one:

We bought an RV and my best friend and her husband came over to check it out. It was summer and she was wearing a shirt with spagetti straps.

Sitting butterfly on my friend's lap, my three year old son pulled her shirt back and peeks over the rim at her breasts.

"Buddy, don't do that," I said.

He turned around to face me. "I just want to look for a minute."

Thankfully, she's my best friend so we all laughed it off.

I could go on for hours. But how about you? What funny moments can you share?


  1. A house full of laughter is the best! That's why I love kids: they're mobile comics.

  2. Kids give you so many laughs. When my grandson Jordan was about five, he was into make models with paper, Scotch tape, pins etc etc. For his birthday, one of the gifts I gave him was a box with lots of small packages of tape, paper fasteners etc (all individually wrapped). He opened one of the packages which was split pins (which he'd asked me for a few weeks before when I didn't have any). When he saw what it was, he rushed into the kitchen to his Dad and said in great delight 'Look at this! It's the BEST present I've ever had in my whole life!' So much for all the expensive toys LOL.
    BTW he still (10 years later) remembers when he got split pins for his birthday!