Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Story Ideas

I’ve been thinking about this topic and have come to the conclusion that I really haven’t a clue where my ideas come from. Somewhere inside my head, I think, as I don’t recall any specific ‘triggers’ for any of the stories I’ve written.

I start with a very basic scenario – a kind of short ‘blurb’ that you might send in a query letter. Two people with a problem (or problems) they have to resolve. For a story to work (at least, to my own satisfaction), I have to empathise with their problems and I have to feel very involved with my characters.

The twists and turns in the plot don’t come from any external triggers either, they come from the characters themselves. And even if I’m not in love with my hero to start with, I have to fall in love with him while my heroine is falling for him!


  1. Paula, this is funny to read because I feel the same way. I know a few people who are published, and they comment on how their editors tell them what they have to write. I have always wondered how they are able to do that. My stories come to me out of nowhere. I don't even plot. I'm a total pantser ;-).

  2. Hi Angela
    I'm so glad you feel the same way! I'd find it very difficult to write 'to order' or what an editor told me to write. I once looked at a 'plot-finder' site on the web, and absolutely none of the ideas there did anything for me at all! My stories have to come from me, otherwise I simply couldn't write them.

  3. I like how you have to fall in love with your hero as your heroine does. That made me go...hmmm.

  4. LOL at the hmmmm, Toni - I think that if you're not in love with him, then you can't show your heroine's feelings about or for him.

  5. I always love my heros, who are strong, capable and stubborn. My heroines are my surrogates. I envy them.

  6. Oh, I do love my heroes. Most of the time it's the heroine that takes a a little more time for me to bond with.

    Ideas are tricky...I was asked in an interview where I'd gotten the idea for "Wild Wedding Weekend" and I had no real answer. I don't remember a big bolt of lightning type moment...the story just came to me.