Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Story Ideas

I once wrote an entire story in two months. I loved how the story played like a movie in my head and I couldn't stop. I would get out of bed and go to the computer to write because I didn't want to forget. And of course, once there, you just keep going and lose track of time.

Not sure where I get my ideas. I started a story just from a postcard I received in the mail. I noticed the missing children on the back and a story came to mind.

I used to get a lot of ideas while reading. I haven't done much reading because I've been busy writing, but I'm sure once I get into that mode again, new ideas will pop up.

But I've discovered my muse hangs out around water. When I'm doing dishes (which is why I refuse to get a dishwasher) or while I'm in the shower, my brain tends to go into a fantasy world. Can't say that it works at the beach because I'm too busy watching my son and/or curled up in a blanket, depending on how windy it is.

How about you? Where do your ideas come from?


  1. Toni, when I am stuck with where to go next with a scene, I can get inspiration in the shower. Hot running water is a blessing on so many levels.

  2. Wow! An entire story in two months! I am impressed...and jealous as all get out!

  3. Hi,

    I'm running par with you on novel slotted in two months, hence four 50,000 wrd novels per year.

    Ideas most often inspired by paintings - as outlined in previous post by Ana on similar subject.


  4. No way could I write a novel in 2 months! I agonise (probably far too much!), not just about the characters and their motives and feelings, but also about words and phrases. I might be able to write the first draft in 2 months, but then I'd spend the next 6 months revising and editing!