Thursday, July 1, 2010

Classroom Funnies

In "real life", I am a third grade teacher, so funny things tend to happen...A LOT. What else can you expect when you gather a bunch of eight and nine year olds together? There's no telling what's going to happen or be said in a situation like that.

One of these days, I really do need to write these incidents down. There's got to be a book in there somewhere.

Here's a conversation that happened during a spelling test one year. (No, the kids are NOT supposed to be talking at this time, but the resulting (hidden on my part) laugh overcame any concern I had about the rule breaking.) For some reason, I always remember this particular comment:

Teacher (me): Number ten - 'treasure' - We should look for hidden treasure. -'treasure'

Student One: Really?! That would be cool!

Student Two: Where should we look?

Student One: Where the treasure is, duh.

Okay, maybe you have to have experienced a third grade classroom to appreciate that one, but at any rate, it still makes me laugh!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. I am glad you enjoy your students, Debra. So many need that love these days!

  2. Kids say the most wonderful things at times, don't they?