Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life after work and writing?

I had other interests before I discovered writing. Reading used to be my favorite pasttime.
I cook meals every day, but I love to bake. In my next life, I think I’d like to work as a pastry chef.
I enjoy movies. Not having a DVD player, I watch them on television. With over 100 channels and a remote, it's easy to see what else is on. (The new season of White Collar starts on Tuesday. I hope the writing is as tight as before.)
I adore playing with my young granddaughters. We cook, sing, gather eggs, pick berries, play Legos, build block towers, hang out.
I walk around my CSA garden first thing most mornings, giving thanks for the beauty and abundance surrounding me and listening to the resident elementals.
I also do astrology readings, some for free, some for hire. (I tend to turn hobbies into businesses.) I am continually awed by the accuracy of horoscope forecasts. I am happy when they help someone cope with a rough patch, or when someone starts to see they are stronger and more talented than they thought.


  1. Fun stuff!

    It's always nice to get out there into the "real" world every once in a while!

  2. It's good to have other hobbies. Everyone should. Especially, mothers who tend to give everything to their children.

    Once the kids are old enough to wander away from home, moms get lonely.

  3. When my girls eeventually left home, I didn't get lonely. I love them dearly and spent 20+ years of my life looking after them. I'd done what I could for them, and now it was up to them to make their way in the world without Mum breathing down their necks. Letting go is hard but necessary. But they know I'll always be there as and when they need me.
    And the plus side is you get your own life back again.
    My daughters (both now in their 40's - eek!) live their own lives, as they should, and I'm now in the next phase of seeing my grandsons (aged 22 and 16) starting to make their own way in the world. I've always been there for them all, but without intruding into their lives.