Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Favorite Books

It's hard to say because there have been several that I really enjoyed.

Contemporary books: This month I bought all of the Superromance novel's and the two I read I enjoyed.

I've grabbed random books from the library and have found several new authors that way.

I'm not a big reader, especially when I'm writing. I don't want it to influence my writing.

What about you - what books would you recommend?


  1. I agre with you about books I'm reading influencing what I'm writing.

    I'd been doing some research on Harlequin, so I grabbed a couple SuperRomances and a couple Americans, but I waited until I was done with my current mss before reading them. I'm trying to get an idea of where my work fits. I'm going with American.

  2. When I read HQ and similar novels, I find I want to 'edit' some of the sentences, and wince at times at examples of jumping from one POV to another - etc etc etc!