Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Had to search for something in one of mine with a minimal use of tags. See if you know who's saying what in this, a phone conversation between Jess and her sister's agent, Simon.
From my soon (I hope!) to be published novel by Whiskey Creek Press, 'His Leading Lady' (well, I have to do some advertising LOL):

“Simon, where’s Lora?”
There was a moment’s pause. “I was going to ask you the same thing.”
“So you don’t know?” Jess’s heart sank even further. “Have you absolutely no idea? How long has she been missing?”
“Well, she’s not exactly missing –”
“What do you mean? She’s okay, isn’t she?”
“Yes. She called the office yesterday and told Caroline, my secretary, that she was fine. But she didn’t say where she was or why. And I can’t reach her on her mobile. I hoped that your call was to say she was with you. How do you know all about this anyway?”
Jess grimaced. “Kyle Drummond was here this afternoon, demanding to know where she is.”
“Kyle’s been to see you? He must be getting desperate to find her then. And you’ve not heard from her at all?”
“No, the first I knew about it all was when Mr. Drummond appeared out of the blue.”
“He’s been breathing down my neck too. Did he tell you that he and Lora have a TV interview on Friday?”
“Yes, and that he’ll blacklist her if she doesn’t turn up.”
“So he’s using that threat, is it? And of course he could carry it out too. He has more influence than anyone else in the West End these days. If she doesn’t come back tomorrow, she’s going to ruin everything, Jess.”
“So what happens now?”
Simon was silent for a moment. “You could do that interview on Friday.”
“Jess, think about it. You look the same, your voice is the same and you’re a damn good actress. Lora’s said that you’re a better actress than she is. If you stand in for her on Friday, it gives us some breathing space.”
“I couldn’t possibly pretend to be Lora. And definitely not on television.”
“Yes, you could. You know every detail of Lora’s career. And I can tell you all about the show. Jess, say you’ll do it. Please. Do it for Lora’s sake. Otherwise her career will be finished.”
Jess drew in a very deep breath. For Lora’s sake.
How many times had she done things ‘for Lora’s sake’? Made excuses for her, lent her money, even given up her own place at Drama College. But there was no time to think about that now.
“And what happens if both of us turn up on Friday?” She grasped for any straw to counter Simon’s ridiculous suggestion. “That’s going to look a bit odd, isn’t it?”
“Not really. We simply introduce you as Lora’s sister and no-one is any wiser. But Lora won’t –”.
“Lora won’t what? What else do you know about all this?” When he didn’t reply, she persisted. “Come on, Simon. Whatever it is, I need to know.”


  1. Nice flow. Easy to follow. Good balance of information and introspection.

  2. I agree, the conversation flows naturally. Well done.