Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why write romance?

I love the romance genre. Well-crafted stories sweep me away into an alternative universe where I bond with the characters and root for their HEA.
I started writing six years ago, when an author I respected cheated on her ending. Whether she was up against a killer deadline, or lost interest in her plot, she hopped to a summary reunion of H/H. I decided I could do better.
I should complete my first contempory WIP this winter. I intend to submit to an e-publisher. I have drafts of romances in western, time travel and suspense genres.
I am the new gardening columnist for Northwoods Woman magazine, so I've found the courage to be published. Now I need more time.


  1. Good luck with finishing up your first novel. It's exciting to write "The End" on that last page.

  2. I hate stories where you feel cheated because they have a rushed or contrived ending - which maybe is why I'm struggling with the last two chapters of my WIP at the moment.

  3. Ana,

    Ah, yes, more time all around would be lovely, wouldn't it?!

    Good luck with that WIP!