Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Music while I write?

My short answer to this is that I very rarely listen to music while I write. I find it too distracting. Which is odd, in a way, because I can leave the TV on in the background and not be distracted by that. Maybe it’s because I can ‘tune out’ the TV from my mind (most of it is pretty mindless anyway!) unless something catches my attention. I can’t do that with music.

I know some writers match the music they listen to with the mood of whatever they are writing at the time. I think I’d spend so long deciding what music was suitable, I wouldn’t get any writing done!

The only time I can recall consciously listening to music to set the mood for me was when I was writing one of my fan fiction stories which was partly set in Ireland. I enjoyed playing Irish songs as I wrote that one.

So here’s one of  my favourite Irish songs for you:


  1. Hi,

    OMG: the TV (or radio)on whilst writing?

    I can't do that, the flashing images alone distract, and constant jibber-jabbering drives me nuts. That said, a silent house, window open in spring or summer and birdsong, pure inspiration! So too a crackling fire in winter.

    Your choice of song would go nicely with an old Moggy 1000 softtop. I love classic cars! ;)


  2. I'm the same way. I can't concentrate with the radio or television on nearby. I focus on the lyrics or dialogue. I wish I could tune them out. Just like I wish I could take power naps.

  3. I know it's strange but having the TV on doesn't really distract me. It's not in my direct line of vision when I'm at the computer and it's not on very loud. So much so that I often forget it's on! Maybe it's because I'm so engrossed in what I'm writing? Eventually, I'll get round to thinking 'What on earth is all this rubbish on TV?' and actually switch it off!

  4. I have to have complete peace and quiet while I write. I get too distracted by anything in the background!

  5. Getting in the mood is important!