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Welcome to Cassandre Dayne

Welcome to our Friday Friend, Cassandre Dayne.  Cassandre writes highly erotic romance stories and novels in the contemporary, science fiction and paranormal flavors. Currently she has four erotic romance novels published with Rebel Ink Press and six more under contract. Her recent titles include, Treats in a Plain Brown Wrapper, Her Sinful Long Legs, Revving her Wild Engines and Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire. A novella will also release April 20th titled Wicked Wager Among Friends - Tales from Lucifer’s Lair and her first full length novel being released on September 1st – Deception, Domination & Hunted Desire.

In addition, as her alter ego Bethany Halle, she is the host of two blog talk radio shows with Robin Falls Red River Radio. The Fire of Fantasy & Darkness airs every other month highlighting writers and other artists in the fantasy, science fiction and paranormal genres. Dare to Take the Plunge also airs every other month featuring writers, publishers, cover artists and reviewers in the erotic romance genre.

Today she tells us about creating sexy characters:

As an erotic romance writer, I often am asked, just how do I come up with the many different and very sensual characters? That’s a very good question. First of all, the story ideas come to me sometimes out of the blue. I always keep a notebook beside my bed and with me at work so that I can write down every wicked idea in scratchy format, later going back and typing a synopsis for the ones that truly burn within me. That’s when I begin agonizing over the characters. I am crazy about developing the hero and heroine in the right light. They have to have the perfect name, the sizzling look, attributes that are sexy and yet they have to have a weakness or two.

I tend to create multi-faceted characters that don’t have the perfect lives, yet they long for something else, something truly special. I enjoy including many different cultures and interracial relationships in my books. Understanding and penning their life correctly requires learning about everything from inflections and colloquialisms to popular names and family traditions. When I think I have that perfect fit, he or she will have a sensuous name, but one befitting their lifestyle. After I allow that to settle in my mind, I write down their attributes including everything from their favorite food and drink to what they drive. After all, you have to believe in their rough-hewn ways, don’t you?

Every character has a voice. They could be from the inner city or educated at Harvard and as a writer, I try and make sure the voices are distinct. Something I really enjoy doing is creating a character that has that hidden past or secret desire that if any of his or her friends or family knew about, they might not think of them in the same soulful light. In my current release, Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire, Snake is a well educated and successful businessman, but he also has a dark craving for very kinky acts. Finding a partner in more ways than one in Halle, he indulges in her greatest fantasy and one that many men could not engage in – giving her the gift of other men to play with.

The truly exciting part about writing is having a different look and feel for my characters. Whether they are vampires attempting to live in the modern world or the computer geek turned sexy hunk on the night he works in a strip club, bringing them to life is a sheer joy. Sometimes the characters aren’t likeable in the beginning, but as you strip away the hard shell that hides the man or woman inside, you generally learn that they have been harboring something so horrendous that their soul can barely take surviving.

We all have had experiences in our lives that taunt us into near submission and I think reading about someone else and how they rise to the surface is a surprising and needed treat. While some of my contemporary erotic pieces are simply designed for pleasure and little else, every one of them leaves you with a thought about why they hunger for the passion they seek. Making them multi-faceted is what gives the story flavor. Here’s a little taste of Shadows of Panic & Wicked Desire. Tell me what you think about their interactions.

Coasting up the long driveway, he recognized several cars. He knew the invitation list and had in fact encouraged Kimberly to invite certain select individuals for his cunning scheme. She’d been more than a willing participant in his nefarious plan. He chuckled as he slid the bike next to a shining ebony Hummer and climbed off. Little Miss Halle Tremont wasn’t going to know what hit her. After she removed her helmet and fluffed her hair, Snake brushed the soft locks from her face and bent to kiss her lips, barely touching, his tongue tracing a sensuous circle around her ruby stained lips. “You ain’t seen nothing yet my gal. Just wait.”

She handed him the mask and giggled. “Don’t roll your eyes.”

“You know how I feel.”

“I know, but Kimberly insisted.”

“Hmmm…” Snake wasn’t the kind of man that wanted to wear a mask for any reason, but tonight was different. Tonight, he was going to fulfill Halle’s darkest fantasy and one that she had only mentioned in the throes of their wild passions. The only question that remained in his mind was if she could truly tolerate what he was prepared to give her. The collar was a test more than anything and while Snake toyed with introducing the lifestyle to her, the velvet collar was meant to signify that no matter what kinky events occurred, she was leaving with one man. There was a part of his mind that was excited to see her reactions. He wanted nothing more than to bring her to new heights of ecstasy, but it was her choice. Halle’s complete trust meant more to him than any kinky games. He took her hand, kissed her palm and wrapped his arm around her waist as he led her toward the front of the house.

“Come on sexy.”

“Wow! It’s amazing what she did with the old place.”

“It is a bit decadent.” In truth, the house had been turned into a sensuous inviting home meant for gatherings of the exotic nature. Snake glanced at the front porch and fought a grin knowing exactly what Kimberly had gone through to assimilate a bordello. “Ready?”

“Um, I think so.”

He kissed her forehead and moved up the steps toward the door. The party was in full swing as they walked in. The well-adorned house was an oversized Georgian willed to Kimberly by her parents. She’d completely refurbished the rather stuffy interior into a den of sin, erotic and wild. The lights were nothing but glowing orbs, the furniture rich leather and oversized pillows thrown everywhere in groups on the floor. Luscious rich velvet drapes and mocha colored bearskin rugs were strategically positioned throughout giving the effect of a whorehouse, inviting all that would play.

“I thought this was supposed to be a small party.” Halle said, looking around. “These are some incredible costumes.”

Snake eased his hand across the back of her neck and drew her in for a passionate kiss. As he eased back, he licked the edge of her mouth slowly. “You’re the one that’s incredible.”

Remember when you read any story penned by a writer, they have given every character a significant amount of thought. They can make or break your story and they provide intricate and sexy details that push the story along. Most of all, they have to give you that feeling that you want to get to know them and everything about their lives. I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me!!

Thank you for allowing me to guest blog.

Many thanks for visiting us today, Cassandre, and we wish you every success with your forthcoming releases. 

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  1. Thank you for this great post, and congratulations on your (obvious)success!
    I think you're right about creating detailed character biographies, Cassandre. I have to 'know' their inner needs to develop my plot.
    My process is to do horoscope comparisons for my hero, heroine, and villain. I then invent names that 'brand' them.

  2. Hi Cassandre, and welcome to HWH.

    Congrats on your success! I shall look forward to reading some of your work.

    Funnily enough, I cut my writing teeth on erotic romance novels (light BDSM based on sexual tease), and I always found it highly amusing when friends of friends said: "What do you write?"

    The answer drew forth various facial expressions, and a familiar word "Oh", which ironic as it sounds, is the most well-known erotic BDSM novel ever: "Story of O."

    Now, I write straight romances airing steamy and hot as befitting the story!


  3. hi Cassandre,

    Welcome to Heroines with Hearts. It's so fabulous to have you here today!

    I always keep a notebook handy in case an idea comes to me where ever I am. I've been known to scribble in the dark at night so I don't wake my hubby!