Sunday, April 24, 2011

What genre?

I have not settled on a genre of romance, and being unpublished, a genre has not chosen me.
I like blends. I'm writing a past life timetravel. I've mothballed a historical western, and half-plotted a contemporary medical.
I write sensual stories. They're not sweet, not erotic.
I like history, psychology, and magic. I like learning (therefore teaching) things in a story. I like epic dramas and tight short stories.
I've heard once you sell, readers expect more of the same. Change genres under a different pen name. I don't expect the rules to change, but I'll cross that bridge once I'm published.


  1. Hi Ana,

    Standing at a literary crossroads many authors choose a route as the given: that's my destiny, and later regret their chosen way. But a relaxed approach of "if I go that way, what might I miss if I don't venture down each road a mile or so?" makes for writerly sense!

    I started out writing erotic romances (got published)and through it ventured to the dark side of criminal activities involving undercover cops, and this led to a mainstream romantic thriller (published).

    I've been writing steamy contemporary romances and historicals for a couple of years now: none as yet, published! I often ask myself should I go back to writing erotic romances or mainstream romantic thrillers? I think not on the former (lost interest in reading such) but might venture down the road of romantic thrillers. That is, if I don't get a bite this year from a publisher re contemporary/historical output. There's only so long I'm willing to slog what essentially seems to be a road to nowhere. Failing the historical route I'll self-publish because I have a ready-made market: not just friends and acquaintances waiting for release date (historical) based on two chapters read.

    Writing for the love of writing goes beyond writing for name on front cover and royalty cheque. If I fail to get my contemporaries published by a publisher I'll probably publish them as free-downloads via my blog or maybe as freebies alongside self-pubbed historical work! None of my work is going to be left to languish on a hard-drive or penstick. ;) Why write if no one gets to read it?

    So don't worry about which route is best, play the dare game and venture every-which-way because where one road might end up a slow crawl due to heavy traffic flow, another
    may be more akin to a freeway/motorway devoid of traffic and a fast-track to bestsellerdom.

  2. Ana, I think it's great you haven't settled on one genre yet, and even when you're published, if your readers like you, they'll follow you. Write what you like and your voice will shine through. It'll be a great read!

  3. I envy people who can write in widely different genres. One day I might just try a different one!

  4. I't wonderful to think you have that wide open world in front of you. You don't need to make a decision yet. Just keep writing from your heart...

    And I agree with Paula, I'm in awe of people who can cross genres.