Monday, April 25, 2011

Why I Write Romance!

I love the sheer experience of eyes meeting eyes, reluctance to break eye contact, a second glance to be sure it a mutual pleasure, and response of flirty smile.

I love the social interaction that brings two people together, a fleeting handshake and sensual frisson of mutual interest displayed in close contact.

I love restricted momentary freedom from third party companionship, and dire need to instigate some reason for third party to move away: a request for refreshment, whatever.   

I love a hero of vocal intimation whom stirs the senses yet retains air of gentleman even if rogue at heart. Every nuance of this kind of man implies intent. He wears inkling of desire on his sleeve, while he ponders how long before the lady might surrender to first kiss, to first intimate caress and to the ultimate prize of satisfying his increasing lustful craving.

I love coquettish female chat, the leading of hero down path of no return from inflamed senses: the knowing how far to lead, and when to break off and to use social etiquette as excuse to leave the hero in wont of more contact.

I love a hero left in state of extreme frustration. No matter how badly he wants the heroine, to win the ultimate prize he’s going to have to work at it damn hard: cruel tease being the essence of female character motivation in attaining heart’s desire, sometimes vice versa, as above pic.

I love aroused passions within romance novels, and the road travelled by both hero and heroine as each dances to the tune of fate. Without obstacles and emotional bombshells to tear at heartstrings, where would need be for resolution to set their world on even keel for HEA?  

I love writing in romance sub-genre’ of contemporary, romantic thrillers and historical novels. Moral boundaries of some of the characters within my historical romances are at odds with some countries regarding 21st century law and age of consent. After all, a historical should reflect period in time. Girls of fifteen were often married in Tudor/Elizabethan times and, prior. By Charles I/Cromwell/Charles II era sixteen/seventeen seems to have been considered suitable age to be wed for well brought up young ladies in society. The same could not be said of the working classes who were put to work as young as 11yrs of age, sometimes younger.

I love writing sweet tender moments between couples, indulging them in steamy sex, sometimes risqué sex scenes develop, but at all times love and romance are key, the sensuality of it all driving the characters insane for each other. ;) 


  1. Great post, Francine, and I love the pictures you've found too.

  2. Yes, your images--visual and verbal--are wonderful. You definitely are a writer, Francine, and romance is your canvas.

  3. Great post! I'm not sure which I enjoyed more...your wonderful prose or the lovely pictures...

  4. Mmm, yummy! I need to read your books! If your post is anything like your romances, you are DEFINITELY writing the right genre! ;)

  5. Hi ladies,

    You're chocolate smoothies, all! :o

    Hell, it's hard to say it, but I'm a passionate romancer who loves the falling in love bit: time and time again! ;)


  6. Hi Francine! Love this. I could lick the screen, well, not quite, as your visuals are so super cute and lavish.

    Er, I like what you have to say too. You've given me an idea.

    Why do I write romance? Well, I think the theory is 'love makes the world go round' and what better way to explore human relationships?


  7. Amen! These are all the reasons why I love to read Romance as well. A book (or a movie) without some kind of romance, some kind of real connection, leaves me feeling empty.

    Excellent post! (and love the pics)

  8. Hi Denise,

    Couldn't agree more. Pity Colin Firth is taken!! ;)

    Hi Liz,

    Yep, a book or film without a hint of romance is pretty much dead in the water! ;)