Sunday, August 11, 2013

In Training for Change

Being a Libra rising, I always need time to adjust to change, to find a new place (inner space) of balance so I can walk coherently in the world--and in my head.

When my younger CSA partner crashed drunkenly into a building on the farm two weeks ago, I was relieved she was uninjured and the building needed only minor repairs. When she checked into three-day detox, I was happy she was asking for help. When the grapevine reported she did not want to come back to work--that it could make her drink, I panicked. This is a minimum two-person job.

Since then, I have collapsed and revived emotionally. I have determined--and here make a public pronouncement--that I will retire the CSA at the end of this season. I will still garden, but on a much smaller scale. I will take all the energy and effort I have poured into teaching people one-on-one how to garden,  and write a book that could teach hundreds or thousands of people how to garden more successfully. I am refocusing. I am not defeated.

By winter, I will step willingly, excitedly into change.  I will have time to finish my romance WIP's!


  1. I so admire the way you have recovered from the big blow, and readjusted your aims for the future. Very best of luck and here's a big hug!
    P.S I'm Leo with Scorpio rising - not sure exactly what that means :-D

  2. are a strong woman. Each of life's experiences only make us stronger...especially the really tough ones. I'm sending a cyber hug, too.

    And on a lighter note...I for one will be the first in line to buy your gardening book!

  3. Scorpio rising: very deep and strong, appears to others to be secretive, self-protective or brooding, sexual. Leo is the ruler looking out for her kingdom and all in it.

    Thanks, Jen! Hugs are great.

    I need to learn to take good close-up pictures of plants.

  4. Ana, I'm terrible with change too, but I think it's great that you know what you want to do later and are taking steps now to plan for them. And I think a gardening book would be terrific!

  5. Good to know. I do know a lot about organic gardening.
    This satisfies my karma just as well as one-on-one teaching. It incorporates my love of writing. Then I need to, as Paula has said, write a romance set in a garden setting. I tried writing a True Confessions story once-- set in a garden setting. I should revive it!