Thursday, May 1, 2014

Right Where I Belong

Debra is content with her career.

I participated in the book signing at my writers' conference last weekend. I didn't sell any books and was thoroughly discouraged at the time. The author next to me sold and signed four or five, and attendees were standing in line to check out with their arms full of books. None of them mine. As I chatted with my table neighbor, she was telling me about her multi-book contracts. I have to admit a little green monster took a bite out of me.

But it's been almost a week, and I've had time to consider the state of my career.

I am not a full-time writer. I have a day job/career that I love. A multi-book contract sounds like a dream come true, but for my life and my reality, it isn't really a possibility. I can't write several books in a year. And I'm okay with that.

I write for a small press. This also is the perfect fit. They know me. I know them. When I have a book to submit my editor is always excited to hear from me, but there's no pressure. I write on my own time-frame, sans any outside deadlines. Another bonus of writing for a small press is I wrote a series published by them. I wrote and sold the first book six years ago. In January the third book of the series came out. Readers can still find the other books in the series in print, brand new...they aren't out of print, and I just renewed my contracts on them for another five years, so they won't be for a good, long while. With a so called 'larger press', books are available for a short span of time (a few months at most) and then disappear to be found only in limited quantities at various secondary sources.

I am living my dream. I always wanted to write romance novels. And I am. In the past six years I've published four full-length novels and three novellas. I have another full-length coming later this year. Not too shabby for someone who writes in her spare time for a hobby. Seeing my name on a book is a thrill that never gets old.

Do I have millions of adoring readers and fans? No. But my family and friends are proud of me and supportive, and that means a whole lot. And there are 'strangers' out there reading my stories. My books. And that's pretty cool. And I've made some really great friends on-line here at this blog and other places.

Yep. I'm content.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. It sounds like you ARE living your dream, Debra. Think of all the people on the planet who are not.
    Years ago, I did a meet-the-author on a Saturday at a mall bookstore in Fargo. I sat by the front door at a table with my insightful and labor-of-love Astro-Keyword Wheel kit. Three people stopped to talk to me. None reached for their wallet. It was awful. I fell into the "I am a failure" hole and am still clawing my way back into the light.
    You are great.

    1. I was definitely wallowing in that failure hole for a while, but I snapped out of it pretty quickly! :)

  2. Well done, you, you'll find a publisher and have people knowing you, there's plenty of time, just enjoy the process.

    1. Enjoying the process is the whole reason we do what we do, right?!

  3. If you're happy with your life, that's all that matters, Debra. The author with the multi-book contracts may be totally stressed about meeting her deadlines, and not enjoying her life at all!
    I agree about the good feeling you get when you realise 'strangers' are reading your books - and, like you, I've met some great friends online (and, as a result, some of them in 'real' life too!). .

    1. More stress is the last thing I need, so I'm perfectly happy writing one book at a time as they come to me!