Monday, November 10, 2014


Ana rarely remember her dreams, but this morning she did. Two of them! And she wrote them down.

Two ladies in a rusty S-10 pickup approach an absolutely huge, steep hill. Road is dirt, rutted. They pull off to the side, sit and stare at it while they debate if the truck can climb up it. One has to get to her destination. The other insists there has to be a way around the hill.

A pickup truck appears on the top and lumbers down. After a while, a car crests and descends.
They debate if the other side is as steep, if it’s flatter and this downhill side is a one-way. They study their map. This is the only road for a hundred miles in every direction. They have to go up. 

They start the pickup.

An eighteen year old girl gets pregnant at a music festival. Father a nameless roadie working for one of the bands. She was high, carried away by the love-in atmosphere, and it was her first time. Baby comes out mixed race. 

Do you get story ideas from dreams?


  1. I can't say I've ever gotten a story idea from a dream, but of course there's the really famous dream story of Stephenie Meyer dreaming a pivotal scene from "Twilight", and the rest as they say is history.

  2. My dreams are invariably a confused mish-mash that don't make any sense at all. I can't recall any that would have given me a story idea!

  3. I don't often get ideas from dreams, but I sometimes see my characters appear in them. I'm always like, "Oh, I know you!"

    1. That's fascinating, Jen! I've never 'met' any of my characters in my dreams. The only 'useful' dream I ever remember was solving a staging problem for one of the shows I directed! Wish my dreams would solve some of my plot problems like that!

  4. My daughter gets amazing ideas for stories in her dreams. I'm thrilled to wake up remembering anything from that state. It felt like I was connected to my inner muse--and like I could get back there again.