Monday, May 25, 2015

U is for Unique

Ana muses about predictable story plots.

I read a blog post yesterday that talked about big publishers' push to make authors cowtow to tried and true story arcs. The writer listed big name author after big name author. All related how they were being told to dumb down their stories to fit a prescribed mold. For sales.

She wrote about their frustrations with reader feedback that their stories' outcomes were predictable by page 10. Now obviously some readers like predictable, and others don't.

Small press and indie published books are where readers hungry for fresh writing turn.

I'm for unique!


  1. I agree, Ana! I've always written the stories I want to write, and not stories that conform to some kind of 'formula'.

  2. Romance itself tends to be fairly formulaic, so I'm all for shaking things up and adding unique twists whenever possible.

    It's funny you mention this...over the weekend I was hanging with someone who was reading the latest Nora Roberts. She said she already knew what was going to happen because all of her books were pretty much the same, but that she did like the characters. Interesting.

  3. Interesting. Even Nora repeats herself.

    1. I've heard that a lot of 'prolific' authors repeat their basic plots but with a different setting and different characters.

  4. I think some people read certain authors for precisely that predictability. Others want more unique reads.