Thursday, December 17, 2015

X is for XOXO

Take a peek at the first kisses of Debra's characters.

Romance tends to involve lots of kissin' and huggin'. At least that's the way I prefer mine! So, I thought I'd share a glimpse of my hero and heroines' first kisses.

In This Time for Always Sharlie and Logan kiss for the first time (At least in the story. They were high school sweethearts.) at the rodeo. It's kind of an angry kiss, and Sharlie laments the tender boy she used to know. The grown up version of Logan seems so different.

In This Can't Be Love Zach kisses Jessica on the deck of her grandfather's cabin.

In This Feels Like Home Jake and Amber kiss in the parking lot of The Corral after their picnic date. This soon leads to so much more...and then to Amber's guilt for sleeping with Jake on the first date.

In Christmas at The Corral Van kisses Maggie in the parking lot of the Christmas tree farm. Snow has just begun to fall, creating a cozy, romantic scene.

In Valentine's Day at The Corral Scott and Gail kiss on a bench in the park after she finally agrees to go out with him on Valentine's Day.

In Fourth of July at The Corral Tyler kisses Pam next to the stream in the woods by their favorite spot. This is a reunion story, so it's not their first first kiss, but it's the first one in the story.

In Wild Wedding Weekend, Noah gives Abby a quick kiss on the set of the tv game show they've been coerced into participating in. He does it because all of the other contestants did it too. They share a 'real' kiss a few days later.

In Family Secrets Chase brushes Erika's cheek with a soft kiss as he's leaving her house. It also leaves her wanting much, much more.

In A Christmas to Remember Sam kisses Heather under the mistletoe after pondering the Celtic origins of the tradition.

In An Unexpected Blessing Joe kisses Katie after the barn dance, then tells her he's waited almost fifteen years to do it. He's had a crush on her since junior high.

In The Vampire and the Vixen Kelsey and Rafe kiss out on the balcony at a library Halloween fundraiser. She's dressed as a 'vixen' and he as a 'vampire'. Soon after she finds out he's her new boss. Oops!

So...there you have it. A collection of first kisses!

Happy Reading!



  1. I love it! First kisses are the best.

    1. First kisses are real life and in fiction!

  2. First kisses in a story are usually the beginning of the relationship- its a telling moment and so important.

  3. The first kiss should be a pivotal moment in the story because, of course, the relationship changes as a result. Must admit I've read stories where the first kiss has almost been a non-event, which always seems like a wasted opportunity to deepen or, in some cases, to complicate a relationship.

    1. I'm with you. I think the first kiss should be a 'big' event!

  4. I have found describing a kiss quite difficult, perhaps i'm not practised wriitng, not kissing. :) No not practised enough at both

    1. Ha! The description does take a bit of does the real thing, right? :)