Monday, December 21, 2015

Yep: Yap

Ana revels in words.

The Flip Dictionary is a great thesaurus reference.

The word Yap lists the following:

babble, bark, bumpkin, chat, chatter, chodhopper, gab, gossip, hillbilly, jabber, lecture, prattle, rustic,
scold, yak, yammer, and yelp.

I never thought of Yap as a noun. This must be an old-fashioned meaning.  (This bit of trivia might come in handy when writing historical stories or playing Jeopardy.)


  1. I always thought the noun 'yap' related to a dog's yap, and don't think I would use it for humans, except as a verb.

  2. I agree with Paula. It's still interesting, though, to find out how the word could be used by others.

  3. Very interesting meanings. Unfortunately, I think you also have to take into consideration how it's commonly used and like Paula says, it's most commonly known describing a dog. Not sure I'd be able to use it and understand it any other way.

  4. A mother in law could yap.
    Or a boss you really disliked.

  5. I always thinking of yapping as someone who chatters on and on...