Monday, December 14, 2015

X marks the spot

Ana hasn't written a town called Xanadu. 

Or a xylophone-playing hero named Xavier.

No storybook child in desperate need of emergency X-rays after a xenophobic super-villain carries out his plan to hoard (and hold for ransom) the world's supply of radioactive isotopes.

No x-tra exciting car races. Or fiery crashes.
No x-treme sports (other than time travel and pulse raising sex).

I'd like to think I've written some x-citing scenes with x-emplary word crafting. That I'm an x-ceptional writer with x-traordinary skills.

Internet research says the the Saxon vocabulary didn't have words that started with the sound of X, and that's why we don't have many words that begin with X. Our X words are scientific or adopted from other cultures. That appears to be true.

All I know is it's darn hard to have X be the word of the week.


  1. Z isn't going to be a picnic either! Funny post.

  2. Ha! So true, Ana. I'm wracking my brain already for X this week and have NO idea what I'm going to write about.

    I'm good with Z though. Zach is one of my heroes! Yay! :)

  3. Exactly - you've used up all the Xs. I bet you had fun thinking it all up, but you've left us nothing to work with!

  4. Hit the list of words beginning with 'e'.

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