Thursday, January 28, 2016

D is for Devereaux's Dime Store Mysteries

One of Debra's favorite genres is the cozy mystery.

These days I tend to read less romance and more of other genres. I still love romance, but when I'm writing (And I've been writing a lot which is a GOOD thing!), I just can't get into other authors' romance stories. Either their voice gets mixed up with my voice, or I think things like: This is the worst story I've ever read. How did she get published? I'm way better than this. (Which make me sound like an egomaniac.) OR the flip side: This is the best book I've ever read...I'll never be as good as this and make a bestseller list. (Which makes me sound pathetic and whiney.)

So I tend to avoid romance. One genre I love is the cozy mystery. I'm not into blood and guts and gore and graphic violence, but I do enjoy a good whodunit. And cozies usually have a touch of romance in them to satisfy that particular craving without going full-fledged.

So I have my calendar marked for March 1, when the new Devereaux's Dime Story Mystery is released. It's the fifth in the series and is called Between a Book and a Hard Place.

Five-and-dime store owner Devereaux “Dev” Sinclair moved to Shadow Bend for her family. But when her long-lost mother shows up in town, she realizes too much kin can be killer...

Shadow Bend’s library closed years ago because of budgetary problems, so when a wealthy benefactor offers to reopen it, everyone, including Dev, is thrilled. But Dev’s excitement wanes when she realizes the mysterious donor is actually her runaway mother Yvette’s latest husband, Jett Benedict.

Dev suspects that Yvette and Jett’s intentions aren’t as noble as they appear, but before she can discover what they’re really up to, Jett turns up dead—and all clues point to Yvette as the prime suspect.

Even though Dev has no loyalty to Yvette, she’s in a bind. Setting the record straight could prove her mother is a killer. But doing nothing might get her mother booked for a crime she didn’t commit...

I first discovered this series when I sat next to Denise Swanson at a book signing several years ago. Gotta love arranging authors in alphabetical order! At the time, the series was brand new, so I grabbed a book mark and put it on my TBR list. Little did I know in my naivety, that she was a bestselling author of another mystery series: The Scumble River Mysteries. (Looking back, I only hope I didn't do something really embarrassing like congratulating her on her 'first' book.) I ordered the Dime Story Mystery and quickly hit my local library to catch up with Scumble River. That placement was fortuitous for me, because I was able to discover not one, but two mystery series that I've enjoyed reading over the years.

Now those release dates go on my calendar so I can grab them as soon at they hit the shelves. Which makes me a happy camper!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. I agree with your reading reactions, Debra!
    I start reading a book like an editor, and unless the story sweeps me into reader-zone, I put it down.

    1. I find I am much more picky now and will put a book down if I'm not enjoying it.

  2. Even when I read different genres, my inner editor kicks in, however good the story might be!

    1. It's hard to detach from that, isn't it?

  3. I have a really hard time reading as a writer, too.