Monday, January 11, 2010

Critique Partners

For the past seven years, I've had several on and off critique partners. Unfortunately, they didn't work out for one reason or another. But thankfully I finally found one that works.


She thinks she's too picky, but I think that's great because she makes me think. When I see less and less highlights on the pages, I gain confidence knowing she "tried" to pick it apart but found nothing (yeah). She is considerate in knowing this is a business that is all about time/deadlines. She is prompt to return the critique ASAP. She's not afraid of hurting my feelings by telling me something doesn't work and she never sugarcoats anything (trust me on this)!

We work because how I described her above, I return the favor.

After so many critique partners, I know how hard it is to find that one certain person you can click with. Now that I have her I value what we have and hope it lasts for many years.

What about you, do you have a critique partner and how is it working out? What do you think makes a good critique partner?

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