Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hardest part of writing is falling in love again.

I have written two first novels. I still identify with my first two heroines. I am still in love with my first two heroes.

Through practice, reading, and on-line classes, I have honed my plotting skills. I am itching to redraft my first borns and give them the best possible chance to be published, but this has proved harder than I expected.

So I have plotted a third story. Get one good notch on my belt (quill?). This story will have no sagging middle, no twirling word-dervish eddies.

I know already who dun it--and how. I have charted my leads' emotional journeys. Made sure my heroine is more confident of her inner strengths at the outset. (Like me?)

I have a solid image of my hero. I have not fallen hard for him yet, but my heroine will. And so will I.



  1. I think you HAVE to be in love with your hero so that your readers will fall in love with him too, it won't work otherwise. And I think you have to be in the mindset of your heroine too, so that your readers can empathise with her.
    I've been in love with all my heroes and I've agonised with my heroines.
    But when one book is finished, and I start the next one, I fall in love again. For me, it's the only way it can work. My favourite hero is the one I'm working on right now (I ADORE Kyle Drummond, he's totally georgeous!). But when I switch to my other WIP, I shall be equally in love with Jack Tremayne!

  2. I'll have to get over being loyal!