Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Writing Strengths

I’ve been told that my main writing strength is my dialogue. Maybe that’s because I can hear the characters talking inside my head.

When I was writing my ‘West Wing’ fan fiction stories, it was easy because I could hear the voices of all the characters in the show. But it also happens with my own created characters. Somehow their voices and what they say comes naturally to me once I get to know them. So I don’t really think about dialogue, I simply let the characters talk.

I can see them too, in my mind’s eye. Again that was easy with West Wing stories, but in my original stories, the characters take shape and form for me. I don’t have to think out how Jack might walk, I can see him walking. I don't have to think about Abbey's mannerisms, she does them in my mind's eye.

And I can also feel their innermost thoughts. Not necessarily what mine would be in the same situation but theirs.

Other strengths? A willingness to be continually on a ‘learning curve’ and a real appreciation of critiques which help me to improve.

But mainly and simply, a love of writing.

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