Thursday, March 24, 2011

An Eye Opener

Well, this week's discussion has certainly been an eye opener for me. If you would have polled me before the week started as to the whole Alpha/Beta preference for a hero, my immediate repsonse would have been Alpha all the way.

But as I've read through the fabulous posts and subsequent discussions this week, I've learned something. I prefer the hybird - as we've dubbed them. It also has come as somewhat of a surprise to me to learn that the heroes I write are really hybrids as well. Initially I would have described them as Alpha, but I've learned a lot this week, and can now see them in a clearer light. And I like what I see.

That said, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by to pay homage to two of my favorite Alpha males from print and screen.

We'll start with Bond, James Bond. The ultimate Alpha male. Oozing charm, sophistication, and most importantly, sex appeal. Cast the always dashing and debonoir Peirce Brosnan to play him, and I'm a gonner. And while Bond may be a romantic hero, he definitely doesn't fit the proto-type for a romance hero. There will be no happily ever after with him. He'll move on to the next gal as soon as he moves on to his next assignment. He tried happily ever after once, and it turned deadly for his bride.

And then there's Dirk Pitt. I often refer to him as the James Bond of deep water diving. Adventurous, independent, and charismatic. In his one and only screen appearance, the utterly charming Matthew McConaughey was cast to play the engimatic, emerald-eyed explorer, and I only wish creative differences between author and producer hadn't put a stop to future portrayals. Unlike Bond, Pitt eventually does settle down with one woman.

Great discussion this week ladies!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. I never watched Dirk Pitt. I'll have to now.

  2. Hi Ana,

    His one and only screen appearance is in "Sahara". In addition to the fabulous Matthew M., it also features Steven Zahn (who is hilarious) and Penelope Cruz. Good stuff!

  3. I'm the opposte way round to you, Debra. Until this week, I thought my preference was for beta males. Now I've realised, too, that it's the hybrid that appeals to me too. The best traits of alpha and beta combined make the perfect man!

  4. Paula,

    Wasn't this a great discussion to help us learn about our men?!?!?

  5. I shall view my men in a whole new light now! :-)

  6. Hi Debra,

    Wow, this week's discussion has been such fun, and as you said, enlightening!

    The hybrid has all the best qualities of beta and a sense of knowing his Alpha nature needs to be kept in check. That's what makes the hybrid more desirable in my book.

    Ah, oooh ((((sighs)))) at image of Pierce B. That said, I never could get my head round him as 007. He always seemed too nice, too hybrid! For me 007 will only ever be Sean Connery: cold, callous, man-on-a-mission and fantastic one-night-stand. ;)


  7. Hi Francine,

    Sean is my second favorite Bond. (That is a yummy picture of Pierce, though, isn't it?!)

    And isn't it great when our fabulous heroine has just what the hero needs to keep the baser side of his Alpha nature in check?

  8. Must confess I couldn't get excited about any James Bond (all too alpha for me), and Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia was so dire, he ruined any image he might have had!

    Agree it's been a great discussion this week. Here's to lots more!

  9. Oooh, yikes. Yes, I've avoided watching "Mama Mia" for that very reason. But he's plenty good in other movies, so I'll stick to those!

  10. Colin Firth was pretty dire in Mamma Mia too, but I survived that and still love him, so maybe you could survive Pierce in it too, Debra!

  11. My preference is the alpha male who's not afraid to show his sensitive side. Many men find it so difficult to connect with their emotions that when their world crashes around them they can't handle it. I'm thinking Sam in Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooter series. When Alyssa walked out on him, he tore up the hotel room. My heart broke for him, and so did Alyssa's (the heroine).

  12. Hi Magda,

    I haven't read the series, but it sounds like one that needs to be on my TBR list. How many books are in the series?