Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"A Nile Romance" in 25

Cruise ship tour guide falls for archaeologist and splits with Egyptian boyfriend
(Now waiting for characters to surprise me with the rest of their story!)


  1. Thanks Angela!

    The other 13 words are reserved for the rest of the story, Ana - when I find out just what's going to happen!

  2. Hi,

    Sounds good, Paula, and yet another pantser! ;)

    I can pantser short stories, but when it comes to novels that's different. As I've said before artwork is my main source of inspiration, and characters jump from the images within overnight dream movie format. Hence I then know who is who, what happens, and how the story will end. I don't think I could write blind, not knowing where I'm going or who might be encountered along the way, yet I'm not a plotter because I always have the plots ready-made: gratis "Super Inspired Subconscious Productions Inc". :o


  3. Yes, definitely a pantser, Francine! I start with the characters, a 'beginning' and a vague idea of where the story is going. But I find that new ideas occur to me as I'm going along and sometimes it's a case of 'Wow, where did THAT come from?' when a character says or does something that I didn't anticipate.

  4. Nice. Love the idea. And I love it when characters pipe up and tell their own stories. It makes my life SO much easier!

  5. LOL, Debra - it's such fun when they do, isn't it? I love it when that happens! In this story, even minor character do it - a Nile motor boatman who serenades his passengers with Elvis songs. He just invented himself out of nowhere!