Friday, March 4, 2011

Whiskey Creek Press - Eight years old

I can't believe that Whiskey Creek Press has been in business for eight years! I thought it much longer. When I look at my first book published by them, I see the date of publication is 2006. Never! Was it only such a short time ago? Have I really written nine books for them in that short time. Facts don't lie!

Whiskey Creek Press is owned and run by two very special people, Steven and Debi Wormack. You won't find kinder or more helpful people in publishing than Steve and Debi. Believe me!

I confess to never having heard of e-books or Whiskey Creek Press, way back in 2000. My late, dear friend Loren Teague, told me about them. I had given up writing but she persuaded me to start again. I tried one company and that was ok, then Loren told me all about Whiskey Creek. She had two books out with them and her recommendation was all I needed. Loren was that special, when she said anything I listened.

My first book Fortune's Folly was duly e-mailed. I heard back really fast (a lot faster than today because let's face it WCP was in its infancy then and it publishes many more books these days). The care and attention I received, the excellent editor I was given (Gina Schneider I believe) and then finally Senior editor the fantastic Marsha Briscoe, proved I had chosen well. When I saw the cover by Jinger Heaston, well I was over the moon.

Thanks to Whiskey Creek's faith in me I went on to write those other books for them - Eden's Child and The Substitute Bride - were No. 1 best sellers. My latest was No. 3 last month, so I suppose it is a two-way street! I am grateful for all the care I have received over these five years.

I can't praise Debi and Steve and Marsha enough - and now we have Melanie too. Further success is coming to Whiskey Creek Press, in the words of a song "It can only get Better" The Womacks and their excellent colleagues deserve their success. The advent of kindle and other media that allows you to download books, will further add to their success.How many can say they have never had a cross word with their publisher. Well, I can.

There is an opportunity to win free books if you go to their store - do visit, you will have a lovely surprise.


  1. Since I'm new to the Whiskey Creek fold, I find your testimonial encouraging. From what I hear, there are a lot of horror stories out there.

    Carl Miller (The Fires Of Remorse)

  2. This is a true inside scoop, Margaret. Wonderful. Wouldn't it be great to peek into other publishers, print and e?

  3. Hi,

    Nice dedication to the founders of WCP. ;)


  4. Happy Birthday to WCP!

    It sounds like you've had a marvelous experience with them. I wish you many more sales in the future.

    Thanks for posting, Margaret. It's really great to hear about supportive publishers.

  5. I'm hoping that my future experience with Whiskey Creek is going to be as positive and supportive as yours, Margaret.

  6. (Waves hand)Hi! New to Whiskey Creek/Torrid, and enjoying their professionalism. Can't say enough good things about their editors and their cover artists. Here's to many more years for them!

  7. Nice to see new authors stopping by. I hope you all have the good fortune I've had with Whiskey Creek. I am sure John Lindermuth would agree with all I have said - hi John.

  8. Thanks for sharing your time with WCP. It sounds like it's a very special place to be at.