Thursday, March 31, 2011

Grumble Grumble

So here's what annoys me as a writer...

How do I get more than one or two reviews for each my books?

Now, I have to premise this by saying my publisher (The Wild Rose Press) has a fabulous marketing department and sends out all of their titles to a list of 20 or more reviewers. This is greatly appreciated by me as it saves me time in not having to contact so many reviewers on my own. Then, reviews and links are posted as they come in on our loop, so they are easy to find. Again, kudos and much appreciation on this. I know not all publishing houses work this way. I am very lucky.

My frustration comes in however, when the reviews are posted, and the same titles seem to appear again and again with reviews from different places and I hardly ever see mine. (I'm not saying these folks don't deserve reviews. Of course they do. I just want some, too. If there are only so many of them going around...I want my fair share.)

Now there might be other circumstances I'm overlooking: Are these 'more established' authors? (Name recognition means a lot in this business...however, out of my three published books so far, the first one has gotten the most reviews.) Are these shorter stories than mine? (After all, there are billions of books out there and only so many reviewers and so much time for reading. And obviously a full-length novel takes a longer time to read than a novella.) Are the covers of other books more eye-catching? (Of course this I have no control over, but I've been very pleased with my covers from TWRP and find them very striking.) Perhaps my titles don't stand out from the others in 'the crowd'? (So, how do I pick one that will?)

Even when I've requested reviews from sites not on the TWRP list, I haven't gotten them. What can I do to make sure my book stands out from all of the others? What do reveiwers look for when they request titles: length, title, cover art. author name?

Now, again, don't get me wrong. The reviews I have gotten have been fabulous (Check out my Buzz page if you'd like a sample). But I am greedy. For publicity, name recognition, and I'll be honest, just plain ol' enjoying the feeling of a pat on the back, I'd like more.

So there.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Hi,

    First off: vital Qs & As

    Q) Do you have a personal author blog, and can people (who liked/loved your novel) sign up and publicly follow your blog and enthuse directly?

    Q) Do you have a facebook page?

    A) Interaction is the key in connecting with the public plus gaining blog reviews from fellow bloggers/facebookers! Also blog tours get you noticed where otherwise you remain invisible.

    Q) Does your publisher do book trailers for your novels? If not do your own.

    A) You can promote your novel on Utube and, your blog! Book trailers are relatively easy to make, and I bet you've the wherewithall to make one sitting in front of you: on your puter.

    This is a fellow blogger's book trailer: Wendy made this trailer herself.

    Some of the romantic ones are gorgeous!

    Just some thoughts to mull over, perhaps . . . ;)


  2. Debra, I understand your frustration - even though I've not yet got to that stage with mine (heck, two months before the projected blast-off, I haven't even had the edits, let alone the front cover picture - grr!). But I'm not sure just what happens re reviews. Like TWRP, Whiskey Creek submit to about 20 reviewers and specifically ask authors not to submit to reviewers to avoid duplicated requests. Seems like we just have to wait and keep fingers crossed!
    Francine, I can answer yes to your first two questions, and I'm exploring book trailers - but without my front cover picture, I'm stalled at present!

  3. I have a Facebook page, and I write regularly on two blogs (this one and another). Whenever I have a new book released, I do a blog tour. I've thought about trailers. Maybe that will be something to really get into this summer when I have more time on my hands. Thanks for the suggestions, Francine.

    And on a completely unrelated note, Paula, you go girl. I've been watching your writing progress meter and you are cranking on your WIP. Keep up the great work!

  4. I was asked last fall to post a review of a first release from a TWRP romance author on I didn't figure out then how to do it, but I'm getting smarter every day. Would something like that help, Debra?

  5. I have a few Amazon reviews from friends and one reviewer. Yep. Anything helps. And when something is rated on Amazon the stars are displayed by the title when it comes up, so that's a bonus.

  6. LOL, didn't realise you were watching the meter, Debra! I was just adding to it for my own amusement - it helps seeing the percentage creeping up :-)

  7. I always add to mine. Helps with that whole 'looking toward a goal' type thing. As soon as I finish each day (or whenever I get the chance to write), the first thing I do is log into our blog to update my meter. It's quite a feeling of satisfaction to watch the little red line grow!

  8. I'm going to have to extend mine as my WIP is going to reach over 65,000 (my projected goal), I think. Still lots of angst to come LOL.
    But agree, it's encouraging to watch the red line grow and see the % increase!