Wednesday, October 17, 2012

10 Sentences

I'm taking the easy way out this week because I am sitting in the middle of my half-decorated study which has no curtains or carpet. It was hard work clearing everything out of here, and it's going to be even harder work putting everything back and returning to 'normal' again.

You may remember that my 'inspiration' for 'Her Only Option' was wondering whether the hero could vault over the rails from one Nile cruise ship sundeck to another. In the end, however, Ross didn't actually do this - but I couldn't omit my original thought completely.  So here's a 10-sentence excerpt, which takes place a week after they first met on the neighbouring sundecks.

They're at a party at the Rahman villa, and we're in Neve's POV. The first speaker is Ross.

"You and Joanne exchange ships next week; she’s on the Nadia and you’re on the Amirah. It’s a good thing I found out, otherwise I’d have had to practise vaulting over the rails between the sundecks."

"Easier to go down to the lobby where they have the gangplanks between the ships."

"Yeah, but not half as much fun. I even considered doing it last week when I first met you." He spooned rice on to her plate until she put out her hand to stop him.

A vision of him vaulting the four-foot gap between the rails of the sundecks came into her mind and she gave a quick chuckle. "Last Monday I’d probably have been willing you to drop down into the gap."

"Ouch - that bad, was it?"

"The first impression was not good, no."


  1. Okay, despite the fact that you're on my TBR list and that my list is super long, I'm going to have to bump you up because I really want to read this book! And that sentence doesn't make the most sense, but I'm still wrapping my head around "binders full of women" so please bear with me. :)

  2. You can't have it on your TBR list until Nov 1st, Jen!
    And I'm seeing comments on FB about 'binders full of women' and I need to investigate who said this and why!

  3. Great sentences! This is such a fabulous 'tease'. I'd like to see him vault the rails in the name of love!

  4. I tried to bring in that scene, Debra, but couldn't work it in, because the two ships aren't moored alongside again, and the following week he's on her ship so he doesn't need to do any rail-vaulting!

  5. Binders of women was a quote by Mitt Romney last night when he was extolling how he searched for women to serve in his cabinet when he was governor of Massachusetts. It raised my hackles.

    Handsome men vaulting over handrails, between ships or not, is a great image, Paula.