Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tomorrow is a Big Day!

Tomorrow is a big day for me, so I hope you’ll allow me a few minutes to tell you about it!
‘Her Only Option’, my fourth novel, will be released by Whiskey Creek Press tomorrow. Although I say ‘fourth’, it’s actually my eighth, if I count the four novels published between 1968 and 1978. My writing career has been divided into two parts, separated by 30+ years, and I tend think of my first four as my ‘early’ books, and the four published since June 2011 as my ‘new’ books. ‘Her Only Option’ was, as you already know, inspired by my visit to Egypt two years ago – and is the only book where I can pinpoint the moment when the seed first started to germinate in my mind. Here's a link to my blog about its early development
It’s also the first book that has been classed as ‘romantic suspense’ as it does contain an element of mystery and suspense. I have to admit that part of the suspense was mine, because I kept changing my mind about who the ‘villain’ was, until I finally managed to pull it all together! I wonder if you’ll be able to guess before it’s eventually revealed?
Fortunately my print copies arrived last Friday, and I’m hoping for some sales tomorrow, as I shall be doing my very first book-signing session—6pm to 8pm at a small Gift Shop/Coffee shop/Ice Cream Parlour! This is the poster currently displayed in the window. Not wildly high profile – but it’s a start! A friend of mine knew the owner, and introduced me to him. We went round the local shopping precinct about 3 weeks ago, and managed to persuade several stores to put up posters in their windows, but I was still getting worried that no one would turn up, mainly because it’s not really the best time of day. However, my friend who lives near the shop has persuaded some of her friends to drop in, and yesterday I heard that 6 of my friends, plus one of my daughters, will also be coming, so at least I won’t be sitting there all on my own!
Finally, because it’s supposed to be lucky to have 3 good things happening on the same day, tomorrow will also be the day when I finally submit my current novel. This new one, ‘Dream of Paris’, is a revamp of a story I wrote back in the 1970’s. I started to rewrite it as part of NaNoWriMo last year, then put it to one side while I finished ‘Changing the Future’ and also worked on another story. Apart from the basic premise of the story, it’s very different from the original version, not least because I’ve had to update various things. Its main setting is a high school – and schools have changed a lot since the 1970’s (and since I finished teaching in the 90’s, too). Fortunately, one of my daughters is a teacher, so I’ve been able to check things out with her and say ‘Does this sound right?’ Paris plays a large part in the story, and in the 70’s the usual way of getting across to France was on a cross-channel ferry. Now, of course, the Channel Tunnel and the high speed Eurostar trains have reduced the travel time dramatically. Last, but not least, there were no computers or cell phones in the 70’s. It’s so easy now for people to keep in contact, but sometimes, in romance novels, you don’t want them to be able to contact each other easily! Having to get around that problem gave me some headaches at times!
So – tomorrow is a big day. A new release, a book-signing, and a new submission – please wish me luck! 


  1. Tomorrow's going to be a GREAT day for you! Congratulations! I'd be there for the book signing since I love romantic suspense, but Texas is a long way away. Have fun!

  2. So is Minnesota, but I will be there in spirit, applauding and cheering wildly. Better yet, I will don a sandwich board and steer locals into the shop to meet you.
    Dream of Paris will be a hit, too.

  3. Thanks, Alexa and Ana! Many of my American friends, and some from different parts of the UK,too, have said they'll be there in spirit - so there'll be lots of spirits floating around :-)
    I like the idea of the sandwich board, Ana!!

  4. Best of luck with the sales. It should be a fun time by all.

  5. Oh, Paula, this is all so grand!!

    Tomorrow is Samhain, so it will become a special holiday on your personal calendar, I'm sure. I want to extend my huge best wishes for success and happiness.

    I really admire your "two career" career...I did that too, except that my first half was full of car selling and pallet hauling, among other lovely pursuits.

    Congrats, and write happy.


  6. Tomorrow will be wonderful! Congratulations! Enjoy the book signing--they're lots of fun. And good luck with the new submission.

  7. Congratulations, Paula! That's truly wonderful. Enjoy your busy day and good luck on the submission.

  8. Many thanks, Roxe Anne!

    Erin - I had a teaching career squashed in between my writing careers - but pallet hauling sounds like fun LOL. Thanks for your good wishes :-)

    Thanks, Jen - not sure how many I'll actually manage to sell, but at least it'll being in more trade for the shop owner!

    Thanks very much, Kate!

  9. Have fun tomorrow, Paula. If you enjoy the day, so will everyone who come in. I hope you sell many books, but just making contact with real people will be good for sales in the long run. I can't wait to read this book. You never disappoint. And the next one is sure to measure up to the others.
    I'll be thinking of you. Linda

  10. Many thanks, Linda - will let you know how it goes!

  11. Paula,

    Great big kudos and congrats for you tomorrow! It sounds like you have your plate full! I wish you many sales at your book signing and good luck with your submission. Is it going to Whiskey Creek or somewhere else?

    Enjoy your day...I hope it's everything you dream it will be!


  12. Thanks, Debra!
    My new submission is going to Rebecca Vickery who published my May release 'Changing the Future' which was actually my fourth novel but was the third to be published as she works much faster than WCP!

  13. Good things do indeed come in threes, Paula. I'll be thinking of you at your signing, and fingers crossed for the submission!

  14. Paula--I do wish you well! And we'll want to know how it turns sure to let us know...good luck!And most of all, have fun.

  15. I hope you have a wonderful day. Congratulations on all your awesome news.

  16. Many thanks, Pat, Celia and Sherry! It's definitely been a good day today :-)

  17. Late as usual :(
    Congratulations on your new release which sounds wonderful. I'm intrigued to know how the book-signing went (so brave of you to go public!) and hope you'll be blogging about it very soon.
    Good luck with the new submission.