Thursday, October 11, 2012

Real Life Heroes

No, I'm not talking about military men and women or firefighters or police officers. Although those people definitely deserve hero status in my mind. That goes without saying.

What I'm talking about are those little, every day moments that jump out at you and scream, "I belong in the pages of your book!"

Yesterday I was walking home from school. The autumn air was crisp. Many trees in the neighborhood have already begun to sport their bold colors. And a pile (really a trail) of leaves had been blown to the curb awaiting pickup. It was literally a picture perfect day and a picture perfect scene.

A man and his young sons were walking along the sidewalk, too. One of the boys noticed the abundance of leaves at the curb. His eyes got wide and excitement laced his voice as he pointed them out to his dad. He timidly went over and put one foot into the tempting pile.

Immediately Dad said, "Come on, let's do it!"

He took both boys by the hand and led them to the beginning of the long path of multi-colored leaves. At his command of "Go!" the boys raced through the leaves toward the other end. Their laughter rang in the chilly air. The leaves crunched beneath their feet.

I couldn't help but pause to watch and smile. After I crossed the street, I turned to look again, and there was Dad, racing through the pile of leaves along with his sons, the joy in his deeper voice blending with theirs.

It was the perfect moment. It belonged right in the pages of a book. My book to be precise. It was the exact thing my hero Joe from An Unexpected Blessing would do with the heroine's son. Too bad that book is already done and ready for release next month. The cozy scene would have fit perfectly into the story line.

But the moment will definitely go into my file of ideas for future stories.

And it reminded me, it really is true, inspiration can be found everywhere. Sometimes when you least expect it.

Until next time,

Happy Reading!

An Unexpected Blessing - coming November 21.


  1. I LOVE this story, Debra - such a simple, but heart-warming scene. As you say, inspiration is all around us!

  2. PS I was at Katherine Grey's blog yesterday talking about where my ideas comes from. You already know where I got my initial idea for my Egypt story, but do pop in and add your 'moment of inspiration' there!

  3. Love this scene too! Straight out of Norman Rockwell. Hope you'll get to use it soon.

  4. Store this scene for future use. It's a character reveal extraordinaire!

  5. Ladies,

    It truly was so cozy and heart-warming. I had the biggest smile on my face. (Anyone driving by would have thought I was insane!) It's definitely going in the file of future ideas.