Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Long Time Coming

Last week when I got home from vacation I had some wonderful news in my in-box...I finally sold This Feels Like Home to TWRP! The has gone back and forth with an editor for the better part of the last eighteen months. I am beyond excited that this book will finally be out there. It completes a trilogy I dreamed about writing way back when I first sat down and got 'serious' about being a writer.

This story is about Jake, a bull rider, and city gal, Amber. Jake made appearances in both This Time for Always and This Can't Be Love. Now it's his turn to be the hero.

Over the weekend I spent some time working on my Manuscript Information Sheet and Cover Art Sheet. Here's what I came up with for the blurb and the excerpt:


The last thing Amber Winfield wants, or needs, is a rodeo cowboy. She never imagined she'd be having a fling with one. Then again, she never imagined she'd meet someone like Jake Hawkins. Soon she comes to realize a one night stand with the sexy cowboy wasn't enough. Despite his dangerous career, Amber finds herself falling for the charismatic bull rider.

Jake's one goal in life is to ride the pro-circuit. He won't let anything, or anyone, stand in the way of his dream. So why can't he get city gal Amber off of his mind - or out of his heart?


Jake leaned toward her, his gaze on her lips. Amber's heart thudded against her ribs as she read his intent. His mouth brushed hers. Once. Twice. Then again and again. He stroked with a teasing touch until on instinct, her lips parted, and the kiss became serious.
When was the last time she’d been kissed like this? Had she ever been kissed like this? Her heart pounded. Her pulse raced. Thick, molten heat made her limbs weak. Her hands found his shoulders, then wound around his neck.
He took a step closer and slid his arm around her back beneath the blazer to ease her against him as he slanted his mouth across hers. His lips were warm. Firm.
A petal of desire unfurled in the pit of her stomach. Less than a week ago she’d sworn she’d never had a fantasy about a cowboy. Now, in the space of several racing heartbeats, several dozen popped into her mind. All of them featuring Jake. All of them carnal. All of them begging to be fulfilled by a stranger she barely knew. She broke the kiss on a gasp, unnerved by the depth of her response. Had need ever flared this strong, this intense, this quickly?
His breath hitched in an uneven rhythm, but he smiled as he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She shivered.
“I don’t suppose I can talk you into coming to my place for a cup of coffee?” The words, uttered in his husky drawl, whispered over her. Through her. Touching places deep and secret. Igniting more hidden desires. Desires she’d never had until now.
The age old and oft used line should have offended her. Instead the shocking temptation to say yes froze her to the spot.

My new editor - Home will fall under the Yellow Rose (contemporary cowboy) line - said she'd have the first round of edits to me early next week. Cowboy up!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. Fantastic news, Debra - many congrats. I'm so thrilled for you that this has finally been accepted after all your hard work with it. Your blurb and excerpt are both super!

  2. Thanks Paula. It's definitely been a work-in-progress. To say I'm thrilled in an understatement!

    Glad the blurb and excerpt 'grabbed' you!

  3. Yay, Debra! And to think you were discouraged a while back.

  4. Congratulations! So happy for you!

  5. Ana, Yep! I was super discouraged. Glad things turned out the way they did now!

    Jen - Thanks!