Sunday, April 28, 2013

Frosting can go here and here....

In May's issue of Romance Writers Report, multi-pubbed author Ann Aguirre is interviewed and says:

"I tend to write lean drafts, however, and sketch in the story, then add detail in multiple revision passes. It's not unusual for me to add 10-15,000 to a book before it's final; that includes descriptions, the pretty writing, and the like. I think of it like building a house. First you lay the foundation, then you install wiring and installation, then the plaster goes up. The decorative touches come last."

I jumped up and down. Literally. With joy. This is how I write, albeit much more slowly than Ms. Aguirre. I am on my third pass through my WIP. I have the plot. I know my characters. I am trimming unnecessary elements and layering in the descriptions, the pretty writing. Specifically deep POV motivations.

Things are clicking faster for me. Thanks to workshops and critique partners, I am learning to recognize where I can layer in emotional descriptions and deep POV. Someday I hope these will come more automatically, say in the first draft. But it they don't--if I still layer in the pretty things like frosting on a cake--I don't have to worry that I'll never be a romance writer. I just have to believe in my process.


  1. That's a very good description. My first draft is my way of plotting, and then I add the layers, delete what's not necessary, and strengthen the characters and situations.

  2. Good post! I'm jumping up and down with you because that's how I write too. And I'm super slow! I just got my RWR today and I'm going straight to that interview. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I do the same. I'm driven to get my drafts down and then go back and add all the good stuff. But...when I opened this post I was hoping we'd be talking about belly-button frosting ;-)

  4. I'm not as conscious about doing that, Ana, but I definitely add (and delete) as I go along through my editing process. Some spots are perfectly described as is, others need more "frosting." Great way to describe it!

  5. Love the frosting analogy, although it did make me want to eat a piece of cake, too.

    I think edits are definitely a way to put the frosting, aka decorations, on our mss.

    Sounds like you are making great progress...good luck!