Thursday, April 4, 2013

Taking My Book on the Road

...well, actually on the ocean!

Yesterday Paula posted about using places she's visited as the setting for her books. I do this with most of my books. It helps me to set the scene for my reader in a much more realistic way if I've actually seen the place I'm describing.

In Wild Wedding Weekend I took my hero and heroine on a cruise. The same cruise my hubby and I took for our honeymoon. Not only did it help me to (hopefully) lend an air of authenticity to the setting, but it helped move the plot along, as I wrote a major scene for each of the port stops. This past week, when we took another cruise for our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to bring a copy of the book along and take some photos on the ship. A cute addition to my web-site: having the book in an authentic location.

On the ship, I discovered a beautiful, but not necessarily well-stocked, library.

It had a sign posted that said something along the lines of "Take a book, leave a book." So, I left mine. I even autographed it! Glory Passengers: I hope you enjoy Noah and Abby's cruise as much as your own!

I hope that if someone grabs it to read, they will indeed put it back for someone else. After, of course, they copy down my web-site address so they can get information about my other books since they loved this one so much!

What fun!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!



  1. What a brilliant idea, Debra! It's given me al kinds of ideas about where I could leave copies of my books - if I ever get the chance to revisit certain places!

  2. When we were on our cruise, I was kicking myself for not bringing my book or my bookmarks. We're going away next week and I'm planning to pack some to leave in the hotel!

  3. I plan on taking a copy of "This Can't Be Love" to Missouri in June. I won't leave a copy there: Uncle Bob and Aunt Barb already have one, but I want to take a picture by the creek.

    I did leave my bookmarks at home...just to clean out my purse a little and not drag so much stuff with me through airport security. A hotel would be a great place to leave bookmarks!

  4. I plan to do the opposite. After I use a setting with plenty of internet research and have the book done, I feel a strong need to go visit! Of course then I think I need a sequel. :)

    Hope your donated book becomes well read

  5. What a great idea to leave your book! It would be interesting to have people mark comments in it and see where it travels.

  6. Doing research for a book sounds exciting and fun the way you do it!!