Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Release Date!

It's official! The Vampire and the Vixen will premiere this fall on October 16! I just love it when those kinds of e-mails appear in my in-box, don't you?


“Nights like these are magical, aren’t they?” The words were as soft as the velvety darkness below.

She nodded. What other than magic could explain how she felt like she knew him, even though they’d never met before? As if their souls and bodies recognized one another, even if their minds didn’t. What else could explain her intense reaction to him? “Rafe. I…” She needed to get back inside before she did something stupid. She hated heroines who were too stupid to live. Kissing this stranger, which every instinct in her being clamored for her to do, put her right in that category. She stepped back.

Warm hands on her shoulders stopped her. “Grown- ups hardly ever get to play dress up. To…pretend…to be someone else for a while. It’s nice, don’t you think?”


“Shh.” His silken whisper skittered over her. “Let’s just pretend for a little while longer.” He lowered his head and his lips found hers.

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  1. Great news - and perfect timing, ready for Hallowe'en! Love the excerpt, Debra.

  2. Now it's time to start getting the blog tour together!

  3. Terrific! Can't wait to read it.