Sunday, May 19, 2013

Life progress report

I haven't had time (or brainpower) to write this seek, but have done some critiquing.  Still it was a good week.

The wildfire that ranged through out township is now out. Our farm was spared due to two big plowed fields to the south that kept the inferno channeled east, rather than toward us.

My daughter reached her webseries Kickstarter goal of $6,000 after she uploaded a final Vimeo of her dancing for dollars on the NYC subway. You can take a look:

Gardening is in full swing and we've made good progress, trying to make up for our abysmally late spring. The trees are leafing out, and I still do not have the vocabulary for the incredible shades of green that are  popping up on the horizon.

We mulched old raspberry plants and set in 1000 new plants in six long rows (on the right side of the picture.


  1. Just hearing about your busy life exhausts me, Ana! So relieved for you that the fire didn't spread in your direction, and well done to Rachel for reaching her target!

  2. I echo Ana's sentiments. Amazed that you have time to write at all (or muscles left!). Congrats to Rachel!

  3. Wow,'ve really been busy. I need to get my garden going here...the late spring really did throw things into a tizzy. But I'm on a much smaller scale than you. I hope to get annuals and veggies in this weekend.

  4. Jeez, and here I was all proud of myself for putting flowers in my planters in the rain. ;)